Path Of Exile: Scourge Expansion Revealed

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Today, Grinding Gear Games unveiled tons of details astir the upcoming Scourge enlargement during a watercourse presentation. Many of the aspects you’re astir apt expecting from astir leagues are connected afloat show here, including a monolithic risk/reward strategy that has you fueling your items with demonic corruption.

In fact, you’re fueling everything with corruption present arsenic you capable your Blood Crucible with the powerfulness of your enemies arsenic you determination from representation to map, choosing erstwhile to activate your instrumentality to displacement the satellite into an apocalypse and instrumentality connected arsenic galore demonic entities arsenic you tin to glean monolithic rewards. While you tin corrupt each kinds of things and twist them to person caller and terrifying powers, you tin besides level up your Blood Crucible to person much power implicit your transformative powers. 

As has go the sanction of the crippled successful Path of Exile implicit the years, you tin beauteous overmuch level up and tweak damn adjacent everything successful what has go 1 of the astir elaborate “numbers spell up” games successful caller memory. Yes, this means you tin successful information spot maps wrong the Blood Crucible arsenic well. If you are acquainted with the endgame of Path of Exile, the Atlas, wherever you research galore maps with rulesets that you tin change utilizing a multitude of modifiers, you simply adhd the caller twisted corruption aspects into the representation strategy for adjacent much amusive and variability.

As with each league, caller uniques, items, and skills are successful the excavation to explore. Perhaps overmuch much breathtaking and meaningful is that the Atlas escapade has been streamlined and pared down from eight regions to four, meaning the fig of Watchstones you request is down to 16 from 32. Those of you that person mapped retired the Atlas earlier cognize that this represents a immense displacement down successful clip required to get to large milestones connected your journey. Atlas passive trees person been altered to bespeak this. Various Uber encounters are present disposable for endgame players and Delve (where you spell down deeper and deeper into the mines) has been wholly overhauled for a caller experience. Oh, and the passive trees person been reworked and revamped. While this happens each the time, this seems to beryllium 1 of the much impactful overhauls, truthful instrumentality a cautious look astir earlier you fastener successful a physique for this league/expansion.

Playing with friends really gets a boost successful Scourge too. While galore opt to tackle the challenges of Path of Exile solo owed to the quality of the game, immoderate caller linking powers mightiness present motivate players to squad up for immoderate adventuring. While linked, players bask assorted augmented boosts, but if 1 subordinate successful the nexus dies past each linked players die, truthful yes, there’s yet different risk/reward constituent to this feature. It’s ever astir the gamble, right?

There’s a ton much to travel successful Path of Exile: Scourge, if you’re funny successful each the changes and additions check retired much astatine the authoritative tract here.

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