Overseas abattoir workers to get temporary visas

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The authorities is to let 800 overseas abattoir workers into the UK connected impermanent visas, aft warnings from farmers of wide culls.

It antecedently said businesses should wage higher wages and put successful skills.

The shortage of butchers has already seen farmers destruct 6,600 steadfast pigs owed to a backlog connected farms, the National Pig Association (NPA) said.

The nutrient manufacture blames the butcher shortage connected factors including Covid and Brexit.

Thousands of steadfast pigs person been culled since past week, when the tally was astir 600.

Last week, the National Farmer's Union (NFU) warned that pig farmers were "facing a quality disaster" owed to the shortage of butchers.

It said that "empty retail shelves and merchandise shortages are becoming progressively commonplace and Christmas specialities specified arsenic pigs successful blankets are already nether threat".

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