NRL scrambling as lockdown throws comp into chaos

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ARLC president Peter V'landys has revealed his program for the remainder of the circular after Queensland's drawback lockdown wiped retired each 3 of Saturday's NRL games.

The Queensland authorities enforced a prohibition connected each assemblage and elite spot aft six caller locally acquired cases of COVID-19 arose successful Brisbane, plunging the authorities into a three-day lockdown.

That meant today's Dragons-Rabbitohs, Knights-Raiders and Storm-Panthers clashes were each called off.

V'landys says his program is to person each 1 of those games played connected Sunday, and the Bulldogs-Titans and Sharks-Sea Eagles matches moved to Monday, arsenic the Queensland authorities aims to assistance the lockdown connected Tuesday.

ARLC president Peter V'landys. (Getty)

"We're moving hard to get it backmost time and hopefully we person 3 matches time and 2 matches connected Monday. All going to plan, connected Tuesday they're reopened and past we're backmost to mean and hopefully person crowds adjacent week and this was a hiccup on the way," V'landys said connected 2GB radio.

"We've got a fig of options (if that plans doesn't work). We've already started discussing with the authorities up determination if they don't travel retired of the lockdown connected Tuesday that we play without crowds.

"We've had immoderate interaction with the Victorian authorities to besides assistance us, we've inactive got bluish NSW, we've got a just fewer options that we tin look at.

"But I'm conscionable hoping that the lockdown (ends) connected Tuesday and we tin spell backmost to mean successful Queensland and spot the adjacent 5 rounds retired and perchance the semi-finals and marque a determination connected the expansive final."

A late-morning connection from the NRL sent each 16 clubs into shock, with the league instructing they instrumentality to their hotels and level-four protocols.

The connection followed the announcement from Queensland main wellness serviceman Dr Jeannette Young that each Saturday athletics successful the authorities had been canned.

Among the chaos facing NRL clubs instantly aft the announcement was those connected the Sunshine Coast being told to hole to "fly retired anyplace from Canberra to Mackay astatine a moment's notice", Danny Weidler reported connected Nine News.

Moments aft clubs were told to instrumentality to their hotels, Dragons skipper Ben Hunt gave an penetration into the whirlwind successful a chat with Weidler.

Dragons skipper Ben Hunt. (Getty)

"At archetypal they told america it mightiness beryllium postponed oregon we mightiness play determination else. They were trying to enactment it out," Hunt said.

"We mightiness beryllium playing this day truthful we're each conscionable sitting astir waiting for much information. It was a unusual feeling (when we were told).

"I cognize the NRL are doing the champion they tin to evidently get each crippled going ahead, but astatine the extremity of the time it's up to the government."

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