Nintendo Switch Online could get N64 games soon – but it’ll cost you

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Nintendo Switch Online volition reportedly see N64 games successful the future, according to the aforesaid insider who revealed that Game Boy and Game Boy Color games could besides beryllium making their mode to the service.

As spotted by Nintendo Life, known insider ‘NateDrake’ corroborated Eurogamer’s content that “other retro platforms” are apt to amusement up connected Nintendo’s online work successful the future, and believes that N64 games volition marque an appearance.

Speaking connected the latest occurrence of his podcast, NateDrake said: “Eurogamer went 1 measurement further, having noted that further platforms volition besides beryllium added to Nintendo Switch Online successful the future. And contiguous I would similar to adhd to that, yes – that accusation is close and 1 of the platforms that volition beryllium coming to the Nintendo Switch Online successful the aboriginal is the revolutionary Nintendo 64.”

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However, it seems similar we mightiness person to wage much to acquisition the classical titles from the N64 era, arsenic NateDrake believes that Nintendo volition up its subscription fees to make a higher-priced tier for Nintendo Switch Online.
“What I’m going to propose, is that erstwhile Nintendo 64 does travel to Nintendo Switch Online it is going to travel with a higher-priced tier – a premium mentation of Nintendo Switch Online if you will,” said NateDrake. “I don’t deliberation they would effort to treble the terms of it… I’d travel successful astatine $30 a year, $35 would beryllium the ceiling, immoderate much than that I deliberation Nintendo would beryllium truly pushing things.”

Perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, NateDrake isn’t definite arsenic to erstwhile N64 games volition get connected Nintendo’s online service, but helium predicts it’s a existent anticipation that it could hap successful the existent fiscal twelvemonth (which is from April 2021 to March 2022 for Nintendo).

“I mean that’s a conjecture but you know, we volition find retired arsenic we said, September is the period of reveals, the day of the level itself, truthful hopefully, we person immoderate quality astir Nintendo Switch Online this month, but determination is nary regularisation that it has to travel this month.”

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Nintendo has continued to drip-feed NES and SNES games onto its Switch Online service, galore of which are questionable additions. The imaginable of playing N64 games would beryllium a large boon for the service, and could yet promote much Switch owners to subscribe.
But what of the higher subscription fee? Well, TechRadar’s enforcement exertion Gerald Lynch wouldn’t beryllium enactment off. “If they added GBA / GameCube and N64 titles to Switch Online, I’d happily wage much for the privilege,” said Lynch, who has a penchant for retro gaming.

An yearly Nintendo Switch Online rank is importantly cheaper than Sony’s PlayStation Plus and Microsoft’s Xbox Live (subscription prices commencement astatine $3.99 / £3.49 / AU$5.95 a month). Paying a spot much to entree immoderate of Nintendo’s top hits anytime, anyplace would surely beryllium appealing, though don’t expect to spot the likes of 007 GoldenEye oregon Diddy Kong Racing anytime soon owed to licensing conflicts.


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