Nintendo Drops New The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Trailer

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The merchandise for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD connected Nintendo Switch is conscionable astir the corner, and to celebrate, Nintendo conscionable dropped a marque caller trailer showing disconnected what Zelda fans tin expect. The latest trailer features Link beforehand and center, as helium takes connected each of the assorted enemies that tin beryllium encountered. It besides shows disconnected adjacent much of the updated visuals for the HD mentation of the crippled and what benignant of changes players tin acquisition successful the satellite of Hyrule. 

The erstwhile trailer we received for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD was a elaborate video showcasing the assorted enhancements made to the game, specifically going into the astir overt changes that volition beryllium seen. It besides showed disconnected much Quality of Life changes similar skippable cutscenes, Fi support, and more. This caller trailer is much of a "be excited; it's 1 week away" benignant of look, which is A-okay for those amped up to spot what other looks different. 

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was loved by many, contempt what remark sections like to accidental presently. At the time, players enjoyed the escapade that Link underwent, and determination were galore affirmative reviews reinstating that this was a strong in the Legend of Zelda franchise. 

With the HD mentation coming retired conscionable adjacent week, players tin look guardant to optimized power options, further assistance from Fi, amended framerates for a smoother gameplay experience, a much streamlined means of inventory management, skippable cutscenes, fast-forwardable dialogue, and different tweaks made to the situation to marque it a small spot much immersive. 

Back erstwhile the archetypal was released, we gave Skyward Sword a cleanable 10. "Nintendo has talked astir Skyward Sword arsenic the rubric that shows however Zelda tin evolve, and arsenic a lifelong instrumentality of this franchise, I consciousness assured saying that the crippled does conscionable that," reads our archetypal review. "From a gameplay and communicative standpoint, this is the biggest displacement the bid has ever seen, grafting remarkably caller additions onto the classical structure."

The escapade begins (again) connected July 16 for Nintendo Switch. 

Are you excited to dive backmost into Zelda: Skyward Sword with the HD version? Will this beryllium your archetypal clip with the game? Sound disconnected with those Link-fueled thoughts successful the remark conception below; Fi would privation you to. 

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