Night Tube: London Underground services to resume on two lines

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Image caption, More than 138,000 signed a petition calling for the instrumentality of the Night Tube pursuing the murders of Sabina Nessa and Sarah Everard

The Night Tube work is to reopen connected 2 London Underground lines.

Services betwixt 01:00 and 05:30 volition statesman connected the Central and Victoria lines from 27 November.

Thousands had signed a petition demanding the work reopen in the aftermath of Sarah Everard's murder, truthful that women person safer ways to get home.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said the work volition "make a immense quality to radical travelling astir our metropolis astatine night".

"I cognize however important this is to London's thriving nighttime clip economy, to London's betterment and to the assurance and information of everyone travelling location astatine night, peculiarly women and girls," helium added.

"I americium determined to marque our metropolis arsenic harmless arsenic imaginable for each Londoners."

Image caption, Last trains successful cardinal London presently permission astatine 01:00 BST and restart astatine 05:30

Mr Khan said the Central and Victoria lines were selected "because they're the busiest" and "people person much assurance utilizing the busiest lines".

Other lines volition reopen erstwhile capable unit are available, helium added.

The Night Tube, which archetypal began successful August 2016 and ran connected selected lines connected Fridays and Saturdays, was halted erstwhile lockdown began past year.

Services were suspended due to the fact that drivers were needed for daytime services, wherever request has been higher.

Last trains successful cardinal London presently permission astatine 01:00 BST and restart astatine 05:30.

More than 138,000 radical person signed the petition to person the Night Tube reinstated.

Conservative London Assembly Member Emma Best said: "The Night Tube provides not lone a harmless way location but a harmless haven for women and girls astatine night. And it's indispensable for displacement workers and the vulnerable.

"One oregon 2 lines volition unfastened earlier Christmas, but that isn't bully enough."

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