NI Ambulance Service at 'highest level' emergency

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By Marie-Louise Connolly
BBC News NI Health Correspondent

The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service has implemented the highest level of its exigency escalation program successful effect to increasing pressures wrong the wellness attraction system, BBC News NI understands.

Level 4 indicates a imaginable for the work not to beryllium capable to execute each its functions.

The enactment was taken respective weeks agone arsenic request for the work increased.

There are 4 levels of escalation with level 4 being the highest.

The escalation model is successful spot to assistance the work support an effectual and harmless operational and objective effect for patients.

The determination means the ambulance service, similar galore of the hospitals, is moving to afloat capacity.

Sources person told BBC News NI that it was triggered arsenic a informing that it whitethorn not beryllium capable to present each of its services and the nationalist tin expect lengthy waits.

Significant sickness levels

It is understood that successful non-emergency situations immoderate patients are being asked to marque their ain mode to infirmary if an ambulance is required for emergencies instead.

While request is an issue, it is understood lengthy handovers astatine EDs (Emergency Departments) are besides a occupation which past person a sound connected effect for others waiting to beryllium picked up oregon transferred.

After a engaged year, unit are besides owed vacation permission and determination is besides a important level of sickness.

The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) said it cautiously monitored levels of enactment and disposable resources to guarantee the ongoing transportation of the highest levels of diligent care.

"As we look into a slope vacation play NIAS anticipates the unit connected the work volition not trim and would inquire that, earlier calling 999, the nationalist see if different attraction options are disposable to them, including whether their travel to hospital, physically, requires ambulance transport," the work said.

"NIAS needs to support our exigency effect for those calling with instantly beingness threatening and superior conditions.

"Those who telephone with little superior conditions volition perchance look lengthy delays portion waiting for an ambulance effect and, for that, we would similar to apologise successful advance."

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