NHS Covid-19 app may be made less sensitive

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By George Bowden
BBC News

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The NHS Covid interaction tracing app utilized successful England and Wales could beryllium made little delicate successful bid to trim the fig of radical asked to self-isolate.

The app detects the region betwixt users and the magnitude of clip spent successful adjacent proximity - presently 2m oregon little and much than 15 minutes.

A root adjacent to Health Secretary Sajid Javid said helium was considering changes, amid a immense emergence successful alerts.

The Department of Health said the app "is, and ever has been advisory".

The strategy allows radical who trial affirmative to anonymously stock their trial result, triggering alerts for those detected arsenic adjacent contacts successful the days earlier the test.

Under existent rules, those who person an alert are asked to enactment astatine location for up to 10 days.

The hospitality manufacture and NHS trusts person warned MPs that the knock-on effect for the system and workplaces could beryllium huge, as it could pb to millions being asked to self-isolate this summer.

Dr Jenny Harries, the caput of the caller UK Health Security Agency, told MPs connected Thursday that she was "aware that radical are choosing not to usage the app" erstwhile asked astir concerns radical are deleting it to debar being "pinged".

"We are a seeing emergence successful cases truthful this is not an inconvenience, it's really to alert radical to the information that they person been successful adjacent interaction and that they whitethorn beryllium astatine hazard of being infected themselves and passing that corruption connected to different people," she said.

Hinting astatine a change, she added that determination was "work ongoing astatine the infinitesimal due to the fact that it is wholly imaginable to tune the app to guarantee that it is due to the risk".

The root adjacent to Mr Javid told the BBC "we are looking astatine the sensitivity of the app" and pointed retired the sensitivity had been changed before.

But they did not accidental precisely what would change. At present, if 2 phones moving the app are adjacent for agelong enough, and 1 of the 2 users aboriginal shares a affirmative coronavirus trial via the app, past the different volition person an alert.

You tin besides usage the app to "check-in" to venues truthful you tin beryllium notified of immoderate affirmative cases you whitethorn person encountered there, though the request to check-in volition beryllium lifted successful England erstwhile lockdown rules easiness further connected 19 July.

Just 496 venue alerts - which usage the check-in information to alert radical to imaginable interaction with a affirmative lawsuit - were sent betwixt 24 June and 30 June.

The NHS Covid-19 app is utilized successful England and Wales. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland person their ain powers to acceptable coronavirus regulations and separate test-and-trace programmes.

media captionThe NHS Covid-19 app explained

In the past week of June, 360,000 alerts were sent done the NHS Covid app to radical England and Wales, a emergence of much than 60% and the highest play fig truthful acold successful 2021.

The adjacent highest figure, the week previously, was 219,000. As precocious arsenic the extremity of May, it was 16,000 a week, information showed.

Between 24 June and 30 June, 281,500 radical were identified arsenic coming into adjacent interaction with idiosyncratic who had tested positive, the highest fig since the extremity of January.

A BBC investigation has estimated 4.5m radical could beryllium asked to self-isolate betwixt this week and 16 August, arsenic the fig of infections continues to rise.

The authorities has said afloat vaccinated adjacent contacts and children will not person to self-isolate from 16 August.

'Coming to an end'

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the state was "moving to a strategy of investigating alternatively than self-isolation".

"I trust connected the NHS app, arsenic galore radical do," helium said connected Thursday.

"I cognize however hard it has been for radical and I'm atrocious for the hassle that radical experienced arsenic a effect of this - it is coming to an end."

Most Covid rules successful England are owed to extremity connected 19 July astatine the last signifier of the country's roadmap retired of lockdown, with confirmation connected 12 July aft a reappraisal of the latest data.

The NHS app is 1 portion of the NHS Test and Trace programme, which has a £37bn fund and besides includes nationalist investigating and interaction tracing infrastructure.

The programme has been criticised for anemic show during the pandemic, but it has been fiercely defended by government, which has said the pandemic would beryllium indispensable worse without it.

A further 32,551 caller coronavirus cases were recorded connected Thursday, alongside different 35 deaths wrong 28 days of a affirmative test.

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