Newspaper headlines: 'Ugly face of football' and 'freedom day' in England

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By BBC News

image captionThe Daily Mirror is among the papers reporting connected the racist maltreatment of England players aft Sunday night's European Championship last against Italy. It says the instrumentality of the "ugly look of football" had "sickened the federation - and damaged England's chances of hosting the World Cup" successful 2030.
image captionMarcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka are pictured successful 3 corners of an England emblem connected the beforehand of the Sun, surrounding the header "we've got your back". The insubstantial says the federation "united behind" the players successful effect to the abuse.
image captionThe Metro reports that England's Tyrone Mings accused Home Secretary Priti Patel of encouraging racist fans. It says she tweeted that she was "disgusted" by the maltreatment "just weeks aft she criticised players" for taking the genu connected the pitch. The insubstantial brands the maltreatment "unforgivable".
image captionThe Financial Times features a representation of radical adding messages of enactment to a mural of Marcus Rashford successful Manchester, which was sprayed with violative graffiti aft Sunday night's match. But the insubstantial leads connected Covid aft ministers confirmed that England volition determination to the last signifier of easing restrictions connected 19 July. It says the premier curate has "shifted work for tackling the rapidly spreading microorganism to companies and individuals".
image captionBoris Johnson's determination to assistance restrictions comes contempt warnings from authorities technological advisers that the "exit wave" could effect successful much than 200 deaths a day, says the Guardian. The insubstantial besides says determination was a "marked displacement of emphasis" erstwhile it comes to look coverings, with the premier curate present saying helium would "expect and recommend" that they beryllium worn successful crowded indoor spaces.
image captionThe Times besides leads connected concerns from scientists, with predictions of up to 4,800 radical being admitted to infirmary each day. The insubstantial says ministers "made clear" they did not privation employees to beryllium brought backmost to offices successful 1 spell adjacent week.
image captionThe Daily Mail's beforehand leafage asks however agelong state volition last, focusing connected Mr Johnson's impulse for caution. The premier curate "warned Covid curbs could instrumentality successful September if caller freedoms are abused", the insubstantial says.
image captionEngland has been fixed the "green airy for state day" connected 19 July, the Daily Express reports - but the premier curate has asked radical to "go easy".
image captionThe one says ministers person been accused of a "survival of the fittest" approach, with astir 4 cardinal clinically highly susceptible radical being advised to debar those who person not been afloat vaccinated.
image captionThe Daily Telegraph reports that Covid passports are to beryllium introduced aft the premier curate said nightclubs and different venues with ample crowds would beryllium encouraged to usage presumption certification. The insubstantial remarks that it is simply a "climbdown" aft the vaccines curate said successful February that ministers were "not planning" to present a passport.
image captionAnd the Daily Star declares that it is, successful fact, coming home. And by "it", it means the sun. The UK volition "swelter" successful a "heat bulge" with temperatures hotter than Italy, it says, asking: "That makes america the existent winners, right?"
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