Newspaper headlines: 'Three lie-ins' and 'thousands spared isolation'

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By BBC News

image caption"Three lie-ins" roars the Sun, arsenic it reports thousands of England fans volition get "extra clip to recover" aft Sunday's last against Italy. It reports that galore companies are allowing unit to slumber disconnected boozy celebrations by altering opening times and bureau hours. Elsewhere, it pictures a contestant of this year's Love Island aft an alleged break-in astatine the programme's compound successful Mallorca.
image captionThe Daily Mail says the NHS Covid-19 app volition beryllium changed to "cut the numbers being asked to isolate unnecessarily". The insubstantial describes the self-isolation strategy arsenic arguable and cites fears it volition cripple the system successful its existent form. At the moment, those registered arsenic adjacent contacts are asked to walk up to 10 days successful isolation by the app.
image captionAirlines person reported a five-fold emergence successful bookings for overseas holidays aft the authorities announced a caller argumentation scrapping quarantine for double-jabbed UK residents returning to England from astir 100 countries, according to the Times. In different news, the insubstantial says Boris Johnson is considering a slope vacation connected Monday 19 July to coincide with the lifting of astir restrictions successful England and to observe a imaginable England triumph implicit Italy this weekend.
image captionThe Mirror's main representation shows jubilant England fans connected apical of a double-decker autobus successful London beneath its headline: "Fever pitch". The insubstantial says calls are increasing for a slope vacation connected Monday if the Three Lions win.
image caption"Sunak tells workers to get backmost to the office" says the Daily Telegraph arsenic it reports an interrogation with Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who says the deficiency of face-to-face enactment has harmed younger unit during the pandemic. The insubstantial concedes that Mr Sunak said it was not for authorities to bid companies to alteration policies connected moving arrangements. Its main representation is of the past Union emblem successful Afghanistan, which was taken down during a ceremonial connected 24 June, arsenic the past UK troops near the country.
image captionSummer question to 100 countries volition beryllium opened up arsenic quarantine requirements for the treble jabbed are eased successful England, the Guardian reports. The insubstantial says ministers "opened the door" for travellers to bask summertime holidays - but overseas residents who person not received a jab via the NHS volition inactive beryllium ordered to isolate connected their instrumentality to the UK. A beaming Gareth Southgate is the paper's main representation up of England's Euro 2020 last connected Sunday.
image captionChancellor Rishi Sunak has been warned implicit plans to warrant a bumper pensions payout, the Express says, aft helium hinted an 8% emergence whitethorn not beryllium "fair" to taxpayers.
image caption"What person the Romans ever done for us?" asks an irreverent Daily Star arsenic it notes aqueducts, sanitation, roads and bully vino are among the Italian achievements up of England's last against Italy connected Sunday.
image caption"Its the last countdown" says the Metro, which describes the England squad arsenic "one crippled from glory". Two fans dressed arsenic lions were the "mane of the match", the insubstantial says.
image captionOlympic organisers successful Japan person banned spectators amid a surge successful Covid infections and a authorities of exigency successful Tokyo, the Financial Times reports. Elsewhere, the insubstantial says the European Central Bank has acceptable a caller ostentation people of 2% and said it could tolerate exigency moves beyond it.
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