Newspaper headlines: 'Mask chaos' and UK set to 'sizzle' in heatwave

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By BBC News

image captionThe Mirror says determination is "mask chaos" aft mayors and governmental leaders crossed England called for look masks to proceed to beryllium worn connected nationalist transport, contempt coronavirus rules easing from Monday. The insubstantial says the premier minister's plans to ditch look coverings connected buses, trains and trams are successful "tatters".
image captionThe Metro points retired Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is among the leaders calling for masks to stay, and points retired Transport Secretary Grant Shapps "urged obstruction firms to travel suit".
image captionThe Times says firms are calling Covid rules a "mess" aft the authorities said look masks "are expected to beryllium worn successful shops and astatine enactment and array work should stay successful bars" aft 19 July. Businesses accidental they are being "left successful ineligible limbo", according to the paper.
image captionThe Daily Express hails a "sizzling summer" connected its beforehand page. Next to a representation of radical enjoying the prima connected Bournemouth beach, the insubstantial reports that a "£30bn staycation boom" is coinciding with a heatwave arriving this weekend.
image captionThe premier curate has been accused of an "expensive vanity project" aft a "Brexit jet" that was meant to beforehand the UK overseas has been "rarely used", according to the i. The insubstantial claims the plane, which it says had a "£900,000 overgarment job", has carried retired 1 promotional relation successful 5 months.
image captionThe Financial Times says Covid is "wreaking havoc connected industry", with employees being told to enactment astatine location by the NHS app. One concern radical brag tells the insubstantial that immoderate companies are missing 20% of their staff. It reports that respective shifts astatine Nissan's works successful Sunderland person been cancelled successful caller weeks.
image captionA caller study is recommending a "snack tax" connected sugary and salty food, the Daily Mail reports. The insubstantial says it could adhd £3.4bn to families' buying bills each year, with a 9p summation connected Mars bars and 87p emergence connected boxes of Frosties. It reports that the wealth would beryllium utilized to wage for GPs to prescribe fruit, vegetables and cookery classes.
image captionThe Daily Telegraph says greenish taxes are apt to beryllium introduced connected motoring and flying. It comes arsenic the transport caput unveiled a decarbonisation program and pledged each conveyance connected the roads would beryllium zero-emissions "within decades", it says. It adds that motoring taxes could purpose to offset the nonaccomplishment of substance work arsenic the UK transitions to electrical vehicles.
image captionThere is "alarm" arsenic the Amazon rainforest is present emitting much c dioxide than it is capable to absorb, according to the Guardian. It says astir of the emissions are caused by fires - and galore are "deliberately acceptable to wide onshore for beef and soy production".
image caption"Chin chin!" the Star exclaims connected a beforehand leafage afloat of balloons and alcoholic drinks. The insubstantial reports that "blinding caller research" suggests that determination are wellness benefits from drinking 2 glasses of vino oregon a tin of brew each day.
image captionThe Sun has an interrogation with a antheral who was filmed "putting a lit flare successful his bum" successful London connected Sunday. The insubstantial says helium was capable to "stroll into" Wembley Stadium, wherever the Euro 2020 last was being held, without a ticket.

Many of Thursday's papers absorption connected plans for what the Daily Mail calls "the world's archetypal taxation connected sugary and salty food". The Mail suggests the projected levy would adhd 9p connected the terms of a Mars Bar and 87p connected a container of Frosties.

The Daily Telegraph calculates people's yearly buying measure would spell up by £172.

The Food Foundation foundation tells the Daily Mirror that utilizing the tax's revenues to springiness different cardinal children escaped schoolhouse meals would assistance tackle what it calls the "astoundingly precocious levels of kid nutrient insecurity."

But the Food and Drink Federation warns successful the Financial Times that the taxes would "impact families who are already struggling".

The Sun dubs it a "nanny authorities tax" suggesting the regular calories saved would adjacent fractional a digestive biscuit.

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Online, the Independent says that the world's largest nutrient company, Unilever, is to enactment c footprint labels connected its products. The firm, which makes PG Tips, Marmite and Magnum crystal creams, volition bring successful the packaging successful the UK adjacent year.

After examining the details of the government's greenish transport plan, the Telegraph points out that caller taxes connected motoring and flying are apt to beryllium introduced. The AA suggests the Treasury would request to recoup £765 per car per twelvemonth successful mislaid substance work erstwhile electrical vehicles go much widespread.

The Times reports connected what it describes arsenic the "business backlash" to the government's latest Covid guidance. The anticipation that look masks should inactive beryllium worn successful shops and astatine enactment - positive the retention of array work - has been criticised arsenic a "real mess" and giving disconnected "mixed messages".

The British Dental Association tells the i it is awaiting proposal but fears it volition not get the mandatory requirements healthcare wants.

The Mirror dubs it "mask chaos" - saying the program to ditch look coverings connected transport was successful "tatters" aft six determination mayors said they would beryllium compulsory successful their areas.

The Financial Times highlights unit shortages created by aforesaid isolating workers - suggesting immoderate firms person mislaid a 5th of their workers. The manufacturing body, Make UK, says it is affecting production.

According to the Times, plans to marque NHS England's interaction tracing app little delicate to chopped the wide isolations has been enactment backmost until 16 August.

The Mail, meanwhile, says Whitehall unit are being spared self-isolation nether a aviator scheme.

The Guardian looks astatine the latest probe confirming the Amazon rainforest is present emitting much c dioxide than it is capable to absorb. Most of the emissions travel from fires, it says, started deliberately to wide areas for agriculture.

The one reports that what it calls the "PM's Brexit jet" has flown lone erstwhile successful its promotional relation successful the past 5 months. The insubstantial says since being repainted astatine a outgo of £900,000, it is chiefly utilized to refuel RAF combatant planes. The authorities blames the pandemic for its reduced service.

And according to the Telegraph, arsenic much radical instrumentality to their offices, a 3rd of workers accidental they privation to ditch ceremonial formal codes. A survey of 600 adults suggests fractional would similar smart-casual apparel and a tenth shorts and flip flops.

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