Newspaper headlines: Kids 'defend Lions' and 'outrage' at foreign aid cut

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By BBC News

image captionA handwritten enactment from a nine-year-old expressing her enactment for England prima Marcus Rashford is blown up crossed the bottommost of the Daily Mirror's beforehand page, aft helium and 2 different England players were subjected to racist maltreatment pursuing the Euro 2020 final. The insubstantial says it is 1 of the "moving" letters that "flooded in" for the players.
image captionA representation of dozens of radical gathered astatine an anti-racism objection by a mural of Rashford, which was defaced aft the final, is splashed crossed the beforehand leafage of the Metro. The insubstantial says the premier curate has warned societal media firms to "up their game" and halt online racism aft the abuse.
image captionThe one reports connected Instagram's connection that messages sent to Rashford, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho with monkey and banana emojis "didn't spell against our assemblage guidelines". The insubstantial concludes that the level sees them arsenic "OK".
image captionThe Sun splashes connected a telephone by England defender Harry Maguire for societal media companies to ace down connected trolls. The insubstantial reports his begetter was "left with suspected breached rubs aft being crushed by ticketless yobs storming" Wembley Stadium successful London, wherever the last took spot connected Sunday.
image captionThe Met Police Commissioner, Dame Cressida Dick, wants to question a caller word aft her declaration expires successful April, the Times reports. That is "despite disapproval implicit information failures" astatine Wembley and a "string of different controversies", it adds.
image captionThe Star juxtaposes a punctuation from the premier curate urging caution erstwhile England's Covid-19 restrictions easiness connected 19 July with a representation of shot fans successful the thoroughfare successful the aftermath of Sunday night's match. It asks: "Now, is anyone other a small acrophobic astir the extremity of lockdown?"
image captionThere has been "outrage" aft the authorities won a Commons ballot to fastener successful cuts to spending connected overseas aid, according to the Guardian. The insubstantial says Downing Street has "been accused of putting tens of thousands of lives astatine risk". It quotes erstwhile Prime Minister Sir John Major saying the determination showed "the stamp of Little England, not Great Britain".
image captionThe Daily Telegraph reports that British holidaymakers are being "barred" from boarding flights to Europe aft receiving the Indian-made mentation of the AstraZeneca vaccine. It features an interrogation with a mates who were turned distant they tried to committee a formation to Malta. "We were conscionable gutted," they archer the paper.
image captionThe Daily Mail reports that Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis volition denote a "planned statute of limitations" that volition screen "all incidents during the Troubles". The insubstantial says it means "veterans who served successful Northern Ireland are yet acceptable to beryllium freed from the menace of prosecution".
image captionThe determination volition extremity "a witch-hunt of heroes", according to the Daily Express, arsenic "hundreds of veterans who fearfulness renewed questioning are to beryllium reassured that they are protected by law". It adds that Northern Irish paramilitaries volition get the aforesaid immunity.
image captionThe Financial Times reports that user prices successful the US grew faster than expected successful June. It says terms jumps person "so acold been astir important successful sectors straight affected by the Covid-19 pandemic", referring to soaring prices of aerial fares and utilized cars. The insubstantial says the summation successful June has challenged the Federal Reserve's presumption that precocious ostentation would beryllium temporary.
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