Newspaper headlines: 'Freedumb day' and 'No 10 pingdemic' as Javid tests positive

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By BBC News

image captionSeveral papers look up to coronavirus restrictions easing successful England connected Monday, with the authorities facing increasing disapproval implicit its approach. The Observer leads with accusations from nationalist wellness leaders who assertion Boris Johnson is "letting Covid rip" by relaxing measures. Health Secretary Sajid Javid is among those to person tested affirmative for the microorganism - and helium is understood to person visited No 10 connected Friday, according to the Observer. The insubstantial notes the PM could beryllium successful an uncomfortable presumption if helium has to walk the widely-dubbed "freedom day" stuck indoors.
image captionMr Javid's affirmative Covid trial has sparked a "No 10 pingdemic", the Mail connected Sunday says. According to the paper, the wellness secretary, who visited the Commons and Downing Street past week, had a lengthy face-to-face gathering with Mr Johnson hours earlier his symptoms developed. The Mail connected Sunday quotes a root who warns that "half the Cabinet" could beryllium successful isolation by the extremity of the week.
image captionThe Sunday Mirror dubs 19 June "freedumb day", reporting that the premier curate is facing disapproval connected a fig of fronts astir the lifting of restrictions. Doctors are urging Mr Johnson to bash a U-turn, the insubstantial adds, with 1 elder medic commenting: "I deliberation we're screwed."
image caption"Mayhem" is the concern facing the premier minister's 19 June plans, reports the Sunday Times, with Britain facing disruption to nutrient supplies, transport networks and industry. As an expanding fig of workers are being told to self-isolate, sectors - including the London Underground - are feeling the effects. The insubstantial notes that it emerged past week that 530,126 Test and Trace alerts telling radical to self-isolate for 10 days were sent - a 46% summation connected the erstwhile week.
image caption"Summer state farce" is the header dominating the beforehand of the Sunday Express arsenic the insubstantial leads with concerns that the authorities has created "chaos" with its changing guidance. Ministers person been accused of causing "confusion" implicit disguise wearing and thousands of workers person been told to isolate aft being contacted by the NHS Test and Trace app.
image captionElsewhere, the Sunday Telegraph says that ministers person been advised by the Joint Committee connected Vaccination and Immunisation against rolling retired the vaccine to each children. Instead, jabs volition lone beryllium offered to susceptible 12 to 15-year-olds and those aged 17 who are wrong 3 months of their 18th birthday, the insubstantial adds. The Telegraph notes that the attack is antithetic to that adopted by the US, Israel and France, wherever those implicit the property of 12 are being routinely vaccinated.
image captionMeanwhile, the Daily Star Sunday reports that astir 55,000 British Army unit person not had a azygous dose of a Covid vaccine, with fears that younger radical are choosing not to person the jab.
image captionAnd the Sunday People's beforehand leafage is of treble kid slayer Colin Pitchfork who, the insubstantial reports, volition beryllium near disconnected the enactment offender registry erstwhile helium is released from situation owed to a ineligible loophole.
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