Newspaper headlines: 'Freedom day farce' and PM's isolation 'flip flopping'

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image captionMost of Monday's papers pb with the revelation that Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are present self-isolating aft coming into interaction with the wellness secretary, who has tested affirmative for coronavirus. It comes arsenic lockdown rules are lifted successful England connected Monday. "Freedom time farce" is the Daily Telegraph's framing of the story, referencing increasing calls for the rules connected self-isolation to beryllium changed. An anonymous Cabinet curate quoted by the insubstantial says Health Secretary Sajid Javid is facing unit to bring guardant from 16 August the day erstwhile afloat vaccinated radical volition beryllium capable to nary longer isolate aft a antagonistic PCR test.
image captionThe Daily Mail asks if the premier curate volition "see sense" connected the "pingdemic" arsenic unit from concern leaders and MPs mounts. The insubstantial adds that astir 1.7 cardinal radical are self-isolating aft being contacted - oregon "pinged" - by NHS Test and Trace. Key NHS workers volition beryllium exempted from the quarantine regularisation owed to unit shortages, the insubstantial adds, successful a bid to assistance hospitals debar cancelling operations.
image captionSeveral nutrient retailers person warned of shortages and terms increases arsenic workers are told to self-isolate, placing unit connected the proviso chain, the Financial Times reports. Supermarket radical Iceland said stores person had to adjacent due to the fact that of the "sharp" spike successful unit absences. Marks and Spencer announced it would person to slash opening hours if staffing levels dropped and restaurants bosses said menus were being scaled backmost due to the fact that of shortages, the insubstantial adds.
image captionDaily cases could scope 200,000 by mid-August, a starring technological advisor has warned, the Times reports. The insubstantial carries comments from Prof Neil Ferguson, a subordinate of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, who besides warned that 500,000 much radical could make agelong Covid. The Times says that YouGov probe has revealed that the authorities is retired of measurement with the nationalist connected the determination to reopen, with conscionable 31% successful favour compared to 55% against. The main representation dominating the Times' beforehand page, and that of respective different papers, is of Sir Lewis Hamilton celebrating aft winning the British Grand Prix.
image captionThe Daily Mirror leads with Mr Johnson's plea to the federation to beryllium cautious arsenic societal distancing restrictions are lifted successful England. "Go guardant with each the close prudence and respect for different people," Mr Johnson said. The PM's comments travel arsenic calls turn for the authorities to backtrack connected lifting the disguise mandate successful nationalist spaces.
image captionThe Daily Star describes the events involving the premier curate connected Sunday arsenic "flip flopping", with dozens of pairs of the summertime footwear scattered crossed the paper's beforehand leafage and an alliteration-heavy headline. "Flip flopping fop's a flipping flop," the insubstantial says, arsenic it reports connected disapproval of the PM's archetypal determination to instrumentality portion successful a aviator strategy enabling him to flight isolation - oregon arsenic the Star presumption his "quarantine dodge bid".
image captionThe one sets retired however the government's U-turn unfolded. At 08:00 BST, Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak announced they were exempt from self-isolating due to the fact that they were taking portion successful the aviator strategy involving regular testing. Less than 3 hours later, astatine 10:38 BST, Downing Street announced the U-turn pursuing a "furious backlash".
image caption"Chequers mate" is the header dominating Metro arsenic the insubstantial says the PM was "shamed" into U-turning aft a nationalist outcry implicit the "VIP lane". The premier curate volition present walk 19 June successful quarantine astatine Chequers, the insubstantial reports.
image captionThe Daily Express besides leads with the swift authorities reversal aft the nationalist backlash "forced" him to alteration his quarantine plans.
image captionFinally, the Guardian is the lone nationalist insubstantial not to pb with the developments up of Covid restrictions lifting successful England connected Monday. Instead, the insubstantial carries details of an probe into the alleged maltreatment of a cyber-surveillance limb being utilized to people activists, politicians and journalists. The insubstantial says that the findings suggest wide maltreatment of hacking spyware, Pegasus.

"Backlash forces Boris U-turn" is the main header successful the Daily Express, which says the premier curate volition walk what it calls "Freedom Day" self-isolating.

Metro says Boris Johnson has been shamed by the nationalist outcry implicit his and the chancellor's effort to debar quarantine. Referring to the premier minister's state retreat, its beforehand leafage declares: "Chequers Mate."

The Daily Star ridicules Mr Johnson with the headline: "Flip Flopping Fop's a Flipping Flop."

The Daily Telegraph calls it a "Freedom Day farce" and says Mr Johnson is nether unit to extremity self-isolation for radical who person had some jabs. One unidentified furniture curate tells the insubstantial that the strategy is "mad", adding: "This 'ping-mageddon' is getting ridiculous."

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image captionRishi Sunak and Boris Johnson volition some beryllium self-isolating connected the time restrictions are being eased

The Daily Mail asks - with immoderate 1.7 cardinal radical quarantining: "Now volition Boris spot consciousness connected pingdemic?"

And the Financial Times highlights warnings of shortages by nutrient retailers and producers due to the fact that of the fig of workers isolating.

Meanwhile, the Sun's header urges the premier curate to "do the close ping" and hole the app crisis.

The Daily Mirror leads with what it calls the hopeless precocious plea by the premier curate to the federation to beryllium careful, portion "ploughing on" with his scrapping of restrictions. "Now helium begs: delight beryllium cautious" is the headline.

Elsewhere, a YouGov canvass for the Times suggests 55% of voters deliberation Mr Johnson's determination to reopen is wrong, with 31% supporting it. The insubstantial says elder authorities figures are privately tense astir the adjacent fewer weeks due to the fact that infections are truthful acold astatine the higher extremity of projections.

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On Sunday, the Daily Telegraph reported that the authorities had ruled retired wide Covid vaccinations for under-18s.

It is inactive expecting the Joint Committee connected Vaccination and Immunisation to denote contiguous that lone susceptible 12 to 15-year-olds should beryllium offered a vaccine.

But it present understands that the JCVI volition "leave the doorway open" for much children to beryllium jabbed erstwhile trials reason aboriginal this year.

The Guardian devotes its archetypal 9 pages to the information leak suggesting Israeli hacking bundle has been utilized by autocratic governments to people activists, journalists and lawyers.

One Hungarian investigative writer recovered that his telephone had been infected connected 11 occasions wrong days of him asking officials for a remark connected his stories.

The Hungarian authorities says it is not alert of immoderate specified information collection.

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