Newspaper headlines: Brits die in Kabul and US prepares to strike back

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By BBC News

image captionThe ongoing situation successful Afghanistan continues to pb galore of the papers. The Daily Mirror focuses connected quality that 2 Britons and the kid of different British idiosyncratic were killed successful the bombing astatine Kabul airdrome connected Thursday. The insubstantial says elite Taliban fighters are reported to person entered the airdrome amid fears of a follow-up question of attacks.
image captionThe Daily Express takes a akin code arsenic it says the 2 Brits were killed "waiting for freedom". The insubstantial says Boris Johnson has praised UK troops for their heroism successful the contention to evacuate radical from Afghanistan.
image captionThe Daily Mail says determination are fears that Britain risks "the biggest hostage situation successful its history" aft leaving 1,000 Afghan allies "at the mercy of the Taliban and Isis-K". The insubstantial says Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted helium felt a "great consciousness of regret" astir the galore hundreds that UK forces had been incapable to evacuate.
image captionMeanwhile the Times says the US is preparing to "strike back" successful effect to the onslaught astatine Kabul airport, successful which arsenic galore arsenic 200 radical died including 13 US marines. The insubstantial says the Pentagon is readying retaliatory strikes against Isis militants successful Afghanistan.
image caption"Thousands abandoned to the Taliban" is the I's instrumentality for its play edition. The insubstantial says astatine slightest 1,100 Afghans eligible for evacuation person been near down arsenic the civilian airlift ended. It says UK and US troops present look a unsafe exit from Kabul.
image captionThe Guardian has a akin line, it says determination is "fear and fury" arsenic thousands are abandoned to the Taliban. Some radical person described the rescue effort arsenic "hugely mismanaged", it says.
image captionThe Daily Telegraph says Boris Johnson has promised to "shift eden and earth" to effort to rescue those who served the UK successful Afghanistan. But the premier curate said the onslaught astatine the airdrome "underlines the urgency" of Britain's subject withdrawal, the insubstantial says. Away from Afghanistan the insubstantial says the NHS is getting acceptable to vaccinate children aged 12 to 15 successful schools from adjacent month.
image captionThe Financial Times carries a representation from the aftermath of the bombing astatine Kabul airdrome connected Thursday, but the insubstantial leads connected a telephone from the concern caput for firms to prosecute UK-based workers to capable a shortage of lorry drivers. Kwasi Kwarteng has written to businesses to promote them to assistance those who "now look an uncertain aboriginal and request to find caller employment opportunities" arsenic furlough ends.
image captionThe Daily Star goes successful antithetic absorption arsenic it leads connected the quality that Cristiano Ronaldo, wide considered 1 of the champion footballers ever, is acceptable to instrumentality to Manchester United. "The Second Coming of Cristiano" is the headline.
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