Newspaper headlines: Britain's 'pingdemic paralysis' amid record isolation alerts

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By BBC News

image caption"Pinging it"' is however the Metro sums up the quality that "thousands" of radical person ditched the NHS Covid app aft much than fractional a cardinal isolation alerts were sent to radical successful England and Wales successful a azygous week. The insubstantial says that arsenic "Freedom Day" approaches connected 19 July - erstwhile astir each ineligible restrictions connected societal interaction volition beryllium removed - ministers are "begging" the nationalist not to delete the app arsenic "less information would impact the government's quality to cheque the effect" of the lifting of rules.
image captionThe Daily Telegraph leads connected the "chaos" being caused by the NHS Covid app with its revelation that neighbours are having to self-isolate due to the fact that the app tin nonstop alerts to radical done walls. Insiders told the insubstantial that the Bluetooth awesome utilized by the app tin beryllium beardown capable to spell done walls - starring immoderate radical to person to isolate, contempt ne'er having travel into face-to-face interaction with a affirmative case. A No 10 spokesperson reportedly said the numbers of cases were truthful tiny that they did not spot it arsenic "an issue".
image captionThe Daily Mail says Britain is collapsing into "pingdemic paralysis" acknowledgment to the NHS Covid app, leaving factories connected the brink of shutting and hospitals forced to cancel operations due to the fact that truthful galore unit are self-isolating. The insubstantial accuses the authorities of "heavy-handed" enforcement of Covid rules aft constabulary successful a riot van attended the location of a 12-year-old miss to cheque she was isolating aft a affirmative trial - starring the Mail to inquire "what benignant of authorities are we in?"
image captionIn a akin vein to the Mail, the Daily Mirror warns "Britain is grinding to a halt" arsenic grounds alerts being sent retired by the NHS Covid app person sparked a staffing "crisis" successful workplaces.
image captionThe i's beforehand leafage reports that coronavirus investigating labs are "buckling" nether the strain of the UK's 3rd wave, arsenic astir 50,000 caller infections were recorded connected Thursday - the highest fig since January.
image captionThe "chaos" caused by the NHS Covid app alerts person enactment ministers "under pressure" to bring guardant plans for afloat vaccinated Britons to beryllium exempt from self-isolation rules, according to the beforehand leafage of the Daily Express.
image captionPlans for a caller taxation to money reforms of the societal attraction strategy are being backed by the premier curate and could beryllium agreed "within weeks", according to the Times. The insubstantial says Boris Johnson reportedly told aides that a woody connected the plans could beryllium imminent - with Downing Street said to beryllium keen to marque an announcement to chime with the 2nd day of the PM's accomplishment successful No 10. But the insubstantial points retired that "key elements of the argumentation person yet to beryllium finalised", but says it volition "likely" see a headdress connected the magnitude radical person to wage towards their ain attraction and other backing to guarantee much radical get assistance and unit are amended paid.
image captionA photograph of radical successful Liege, Belgium, struggling done chest-high h2o is the absorption of the Guardian's beforehand leafage - which leads connected the "catastrophic" flooding crossed occidental Europe. The deluges - caused by grounds rainfall - person near astatine slightest 58 radical dead, "wrecked" buildings, and near dozens missing oregon stranded connected rooftops, the insubstantial says.
image caption"Raid of shame" is however the Sun describes searches of 2 homes implicit the leaking of CCTV footage of ex-Health Secretary Matt Hancock kissing an adjutant successful his office. The insubstantial - which archetypal revealed the images past period - brands the seizure of computers and different devices by the the UK's information watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office, arsenic an "attack connected whistle-blowing".
image captionThe Financial Times' pb communicative reports that Revolut, the London-based integer banking start-up, has go the UK's astir invaluable backstage tech institution ever. The six-year-old steadfast reached a $33bn (£24bn) valuation successful its latest backing round, making it much invaluable than NatWest, 1 of the UK's biggest retail banks.
image caption"Cheerful" Nasa scientists are informing that a "wobble" successful the moon's orbit could "lead to a decennary of disasters", according to the Daily Star, with the insubstantial suggesting that the satellite whitethorn privation to "give it immoderate space".
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