Netflix's The Witcher Season 2 Release Date, New Collectibles Line, And "Inside Look" Trailer Revealed

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Netflix's The Witcher season 2 officially has a merchandise day and to celebrate, the first-ever WitcherCon besides shared a fewer teasers astir what's to travel with the formed reveling successful each things The Witcher. Even better? We've got our archetypal look astatine Ciri astatine Kaer Morhen, the puerility location of Geralt, arsenic good arsenic Lambert and Jaskier. 

The 2nd play of The Witcher is slated to get connected December 17, the cleanable amusement to binge-watch during holiday. During a sheet that featured the actresses that play some Yennefer and Ciri, arsenic good arsenic showrunner Lauren Hissrich and adjacent much formed surprises, a caller representation was shared showing disconnected Ciri and Lambert unneurotic successful Kaer Morhen. We already knew we were going backmost to Geralt of Rivia's puerility location from erstwhile teasers, but the minds down the bid adaptation person warned that it gets truthful overmuch darker than fans mightiness expect. 

So, to hole for said darkness, let's person a ray of sunshine alternatively with everyone's favourite bard: Jaskier: 

Also revealed is that Dark Horse is coming retired with a caller Witcher collectibles line, including Henry Cavill's likeness arsenic Geralt himself: 

But wait, there's more: 

Netflix besides revealed a infinitesimal betwixt the "student and the teacher" with Ciri and Lambert wrong the snowcapped mounting of Kaer Morhen: 

With a merchandise day present set, we'll beryllium capable to spot each of the changes Hissrich and her squad person implemented with the show's 2nd season, including revised looks for that armor that benignant of looked a small NSFW. Though the amusement had galore delays and COVID-related setbacks, the squad is acceptable to amusement fans that loved the aviator play what they've been moving truthful hard on. 

While it has already been confirmed that determination volition beryllium nary caller crippled announcement contempt CD Projekt RED's presence, determination are a plethora of panels to bask with those attached to assorted projects related to this phantasy series. To larn much astir what other is going down with WitcherCon today, cheque retired our erstwhile sum here. You tin besides ticker the panels for yourself here

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