Mystery North Norfolk treasure 'could be sword-related'

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image captionThe aboriginal Anglo-Saxon entity recovered successful North Norfolk 'looks similar it fits into thing else', an adept has said

A enigma entity recovered by a metallic detector successful Norfolk could beryllium linked to a sword, an adept has said.

The gilded metallic aboriginal Anglo-Saxon entity was recovered successful Field Dalling successful Norfolk past September and declared to beryllium treasure this week.

Norfolk finds liaison officer, Dr Helen Geake, said it looked "a spot similar a sword-ring" but was not truly similar immoderate others recovered truthful far.

"It's a spot of a mystery, but is astir apt related to swords," she said.

The object, which measures 27.9mm (1.09in) by 25.3mm (0.9in), and weighs 17.8g (0.62oz), was listed arsenic "unidentified" and dated from betwixt 450-580 AD owed to its "amazing carnal detail".

"It is carved with precise intricate carnal art, and the Anglo Saxons were precise connected to animals," Dr Geake said.

"We conscionable don't cognize what it is."

'Odd shape'

A study sent to the Norfolk coroner said it was reminiscent of a buckle from Proosa successful Estonia and it shared elements of different similar buckles connected the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) database.

Buckles whitethorn person been utilized connected a baldric - oregon sword-belt - and truthful the enigma entity whitethorn person been a matching mount.

Its underside is similar the equine of the Sutton Hoo shield which is derived from sword-ring fittings, the study said.

Dr Geake said they occasionally recovered a spot of a sword pommel - a fitting astatine the apical of a sword grip - but the enigma entity was not that.

"It is an odd-shape and has a cutaway spot truthful it looks similar it fits into thing else, similar Lego," she said.

"It doesn't person immoderate rivets to hole it connected to thing truthful erstwhile it gets to the British Museum we've asked for the underneath to beryllium analysed for grounds of solder arsenic it mightiness person been soldered onto something.

"It's not an existent ringing but is benignant of circular but it is not similar immoderate known Anglo-Saxon sword ring.

"And it's truly excessively large to find a abstraction connected a sword, they are utilized successful conflict truthful can't beryllium excessively big."

She said it was "yet different mystery" and arsenic BBC readers had "a bully way grounds successful identifying artefacts", if anybody had immoderate ideas, they should interaction the PAS successful Norfolk.

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