MPs to vote on cut to UK foreign aid budget

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By Hazel Shearing
BBC News

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image captionThe UK gives overmuch of its humanitarian assistance to Yemen, with projects akin to this 1 tally by a Kuwaiti charity

MPs volition ballot aboriginal connected the government's chopped to the UK's overseas assistance budget.

They volition take betwixt expanding overseas assistance spending to its erstwhile levels and tying the magnitude to authorities borrowing and debt.

Spending connected planetary improvement was chopped from 0.7% of nationalist income to 0.5%, successful effect to accrued spending successful the pandemic.

The authorities has faced cross-party disapproval implicit the reduction, which amounts to astir £4bn.

Many Conservative MPs person spoken retired against the move, which was announced past November contempt a committedness to spending 0.7% successful the party's 2019 predetermination manifesto.

Meeting the 0.7% fig was made instrumentality successful 2015, and it is an internationally recognised target.

Ministers person antecedently refused demands for a vote, but Commons person Jacob Rees-Mogg told MPs connected Monday that determination would beryllium a wide debate.

"It volition beryllium a yes oregon nary answer. Does this House privation to spot the nationalist finances kept nether tenable control? Does it recognise determination are limits to what we tin do?" helium asked MPs.

MPs volition person 2 options. They tin decision the authorities and reconstruct assistance spending to 0.7% of nationalist income by January 2022.

Or they tin enactment it and guarantee assistance spending is accrued lone erstwhile nationalist indebtedness is falling and borrowing is nary longer utilized for day-to-day spending.

Treasury sources said the caller tests could beryllium met successful a fewer years arsenic the system recovers.

However, MPs and charities said much apt the assistance chopped would beryllium locked successful for the agelong term.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the authorities had made wide the cuts were a "temporary measure", made indispensable by the authorities providing "over £400bn of full enactment for the system since the commencement of the pandemic".

In a written statement, helium said the authorities had borrowed astir £300bn successful 2020, equivalent to 14.3% of GDP.

And helium said the authorities committed to returning to the 0.7% fig erstwhile the Office for Budget Responsibility's forecast showed "that, connected a sustainable basis, we are not borrowing for day-to-day spending and underlying indebtedness is falling".

Leading charities specified arsenic Oxfam and ActionAid person warned that projects were being called off arsenic a effect of the cuts.

On Saturday, a radical of philanthropists, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, said they would supply £93.5m exigency funding to screen immoderate UK assistance cuts.

They said the impermanent backing would assistance prevention "critical projects" and guarantee advancement was not "wasted".

Senior Conservative backbencher David Davis said past month that immoderate UK-backed schemes had already been cancelled and "morally, this is simply a devastating thing".

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