MoD announces jobs boost for RAF Lossiemouth

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image copyrightCpl Lee Matthews/RAF

image captionThe caller jobs are linked to the deployment of anti-submarine P-8A Poseidon craft astatine the base.

The Ministry of Defence has announced a jobs boost for the northbound of Scotland with much than 100 caller posts being created astatine RAF Lossiemouth.

The contract, worthy much than £230m, is portion of the deployment of Poseidon maritime craft astatine the basal successful Moray.

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said helium saw it arsenic a payment of Scotland being portion of the UK.

But the Scottish authorities said the Conservatives had "zero credibility" connected defence issues successful Scotland.

It said this was due to the fact that of "deep cuts" the enactment had imposed connected unit and infrastructure northbound of the border.

As good arsenic a basal for Typhoon combatant jets, RAF Lossiemouth volition present beryllium location to a fleet of 9 P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol planes.

Mr Wallace said the 106 caller roles were portion of a grooming and attraction declaration allied to the deployment of the anti-submarine aircraft.

image captionUK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace utilized the announcement to item what helium sees arsenic the benefits of Scotland successful the Union

He added: "That's different procreation of RAF concern into the area."

Mr Wallace besides pledged determination were much jobs to travel arsenic portion of a programme that included the opening of the base's new £75m runway past year.

He said: "Defence is not a present today, gone tomorrow. You put for the agelong term."

Mr Wallace said the acquisition of P-8A aeroplanes and E-7 Wedgetails (surveillance aircraft) brings "20, 30 years of investment".

image copyrightRAF Lossiemouth

image captionTyphoons are besides based astatine RAF Lossiemouth

But helium besides challenged the lawsuit for independence.

Mr Wallace said: "Defence of these isles is overmuch amended achieved collectively and together, and the spot of the national is demonstrated by the information we tin play to each others' strengths."

The MoD is simply a large leader and spends much than £2bn a twelvemonth successful Scotland, overmuch of it connected shipbuilding.

But Mr Wallace said an autarkic Scotland could not expect to get subject orders from the remainder of the UK.

Speaking to the BBC, helium said: "If you look astatine their economical figures, their shortage is truthful ample I deliberation it would beryllium very, precise hard for an autarkic Scotland to support immoderate equipped forces of immoderate benignant of equipped forces of immoderate credible size oregon capability."

He besides raised the question of what would hap to the Faslane nuclear basal and an autarkic Scotland's spot successful Nato.

In a statement, the Scottish authorities said: "The Tories person zero credibility erstwhile it comes to defence issues successful Scotland fixed the heavy cuts they person imposed connected unit and infrastructure northbound of the border.

"An autarkic Scotland volition beryllium much than susceptible of maintaining accepted forces, but volition not discarded billions of pounds connected atomic weapons."

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