Mitch McConnell Vows To Block Biden SCOTUS Nominee If GOP Wins Back The Senate

4 months ago 33

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that if Republicans win back the Senate before 2024, he will block any Biden Supreme Court nominee.

McConnell said on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, “I think it’s highly unlikely — in fact, no, I don’t think either party if it were different from the president, would confirm a Supreme Court nominee in the middle of an election.”

Remember, the 2024 Republican presidential nominating contest will start in 2023, so what McConnell really means is that if Republicans win back the Senate and take control in January 2023, he will block any Biden Supreme Court nominee under the pretext of an ongoing presidential election.

This is a fact because Mitch McConnell has done it before. Blocking Democratic Supreme Court nominees and rushing through Republican nominees in an election year is what McConnell.

McConnell’s fantasies of returning to power to block President Biden can be shattered if Democrats get out and vote in Senate elections in 2022. The GOP is counting on holding seats in states like Pennsylvania and defeating Sen. Warnock in Georgia.

If someone like Lt. Gov. Fetterman wins in Pennsylvania, McConnell’s dreams of becoming Majority Leader are probably dead no matter how the election turns out in Georgia.

A vote for Republicans in 2022 is a vote for allowing Mitch McConnell to trash the Constitution.

The nation has been there and done that, and the best way to avoid it happening again is to vote next year.

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