'Milking' controversy darkens England's big moment

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England booked their summons to the Euro last with a 2-1 triumph against Denmark successful other time, but it's the method of their triumph that has shot fans astir the satellite up successful arms.

A afloat 120-minutes was needed to abstracted some nations arsenic a 1-1 deadlock held retired implicit 90-minutes, forcing a tense play of other clip astatine Wembley Stadium.

The lucifer would yet beryllium breached unfastened successful the 104th infinitesimal erstwhile Raheem Sterling, connected a slaloming run, went down successful the box.

Without hesitation, referee Danny Makkelie whistled, pointing to the punishment spot arsenic the Danish players protested.

Raheem Sterling is awarded a arguable penalty. (Getty)

Replays showed Sterling appeared to spell down with near-no interaction arsenic helium made his mode past defender Joakim Mæhle, yet falling to the turf.

When officials flagged the incidental for VAR, determination was immoderate anticipation of the telephone being overturned. But the determination would stand, with officials appearing uninterested successful pulling up the archetypal call.

England skipper Harry Kane had his archetypal effort from the spot saved by domineering Danish keeper Kasper Schmeichel, lone to person a fortunate deflection travel backmost his mode to slot England into the final.

"I'm not definite there's a full batch of interaction determination connected Raheem Sterling," erstwhile England prima Andy Hinchcliffe said successful commentary.

England done to EURO Final

"Is determination an evident foul successful there? Is helium caught? I'm not convinced that helium is. Does Maehle really drawback Sterling? I don't deliberation helium does, and England volition beryllium fortunate to get the punishment here.

"I conscionable deliberation Raheem Sterling is already going to ground, I'm not convinced by that astatine all. But England don't care, they got the punishment and VAR checked it. And, it's bully luck for Harry Kane the mode the shot bounces backmost astatine him. You've got to consciousness for Schmeichel and Denmark."

Socceroos fable Mark Schwarzer agreed.

"That infinitesimal was crucial, obviously, successful deciding the game. I didn't deliberation it was a penalty," Socceroos fable Mark Schwarzer said connected Optus Sport.

England's Harry Kane scores their side's 2nd extremity of the crippled successful extra-time during the UEFA Euro 2020 semi last lucifer astatine Wembley Stadium, London. Picture date: Wednesday July 7, 2021. (Photo by Nick Potts/PA Images via Getty Images) (PA Images via Getty Images)

"Having a look astatine the replay connected a fig of occasions, I conscionable didn't spot the touch. I didn't spot a interaction whatsoever. Sterling did incredibly good to beverage the penalty, of course. I deliberation it was truly harsh connected Denmark."

His erstwhile Australia teammate, John Aloisi, backed up that sentiment.

"We've looked astatine 10 replays and that's wherefore they support showing it due to the fact that nary 1 knows who gave distant the penalty. Was determination capable contact? I don't deliberation determination was," Socceroos large John Aloisi said.

"In my sentiment it wasn't a penalty."

Compounding matters, astatine the clip the punishment was awarded, a 2nd shot was caught by cameras connected the field, which could person easy halted play.

Former Denmark prima Thomas Sorensen was up successful arms implicit the full sequence.

"I don't hold with the decision, I thought it was poor. And I'm a small disappointed the referee didn't spell implicit and person a look astatine it a 2nd time," Sorensen said.

The shot satellite was awash with outrage for the match-defining moment.

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