Met officer admits secretly filming naked women

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image source, Met Police

image captionCorbel had images of 51 women connected his computer

A erstwhile Met Police counter-terrorism serviceman has admitted utilizing spy cameras to secretly movie bare models.

Pretending to beryllium a pilot, Det Insp Neil Corbel arranged fake photoshoots successful edifice rooms, flats and Airbnbs.

Westminster Magistrates' Court heard helium hid devices successful insubstantial boxes, telephone chargers, an aerial freshener and glasses to video his victims.

He was caught aft a pistillate became suspicious of a integer timepiece and recovered it was a spy camera.

The 40-year-old from Hertfordshire pleaded blameworthy connected Monday to 19 voyeurism offences.

Police recovered images of immoderate 51 women connected Corbel's hard thrust and were capable to place 19 victims consenting to marque statements against him.

The offences, which were said to not beryllium linked to his enactment arsenic a constabulary officer, took spot crossed the London, Manchester and Brighton areas betwixt January 2017 and February 2020.

He has been suspended by the Met. Now helium has pleaded guilty, misconduct proceedings volition instrumentality place.


Prosecutor Babatunde Alabi said nary of the women - isolated from 1 - had agreed to beryllium videoed. The 1 that had consented, had said nary intimate parts were to beryllium filmed. She did not realise determination were different hidden cameras successful the room.

He told the tribunal the victims included escorts, who had agreed to person enactment with Corbel but not to beryllium filmed, portion 2 of the models had a narration with the officer.

"He acceptable up the rooms good successful beforehand with covert devices planted successful strategical places capturing the women portion they were undressing earlier the shoots," said the prosecutor.

Mr Alabi said Corbel manoeuvred the models truthful that intimate parts of their bodies were filmed.

He continued: "At slightest 2 of the models really expressed concerns astir devices which they thought were recording."

The tribunal heard Corbel admitted successful constabulary interviews to "surreptitiously utilizing covert devices" to movie the women for his ain intersexual gratification.

Chief magistrate Paul Goldspring said Corbel "went to rather bonzer lengths to fell what helium was doing" and warned helium faces a imaginable jailhouse sentence.

Defending, Edward Henry QC said reports from a forensic scientist and an addiction specializer person been prepared arsenic portion of his mitigation.

Det Ch Supt Marcus Barnett, whose squad carried retired the investigation, said the victims had shown unthinkable spot and helium thanked them for their "courage and patience".

"I americium genuinely disappointed successful the actions of the serviceman which are not astatine each typical of the precocious values and standards we expect, and I americium saddened by the symptom and wounded that helium has caused."

Sentencing volition instrumentality spot connected 4 October.

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