McDonald's: Animal rights activists blockade Scunthorpe burger factory

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image captionActivists person acceptable up blockades with tents and bamboo frames astatine the site

Animal rights protesters person acceptable up a blockade astatine what they accidental is the lone McDonald's burger mill successful the UK.

Animal Rebellion activists person erected tents and bamboo structures extracurricular OSI Food Solutions successful Scunthorpe.

The radical said it was demanding that "McDonald's power to a afloat plant-based nutrient paper by 2025".

Humberside Police accidental astir 50 radical were successful attendance. McDonald's and OSI Food Solutions person been contacted for comment.

image copyrightAnimal Rebellion

image captionHumberside Police said they were "liaising with sides to code concerns"

According to an online brochure, OSI Food Solutions UK is "the exclusive supplier of reddish nutrient products to McDonald's Restaurants successful the UK".

Animal Rebellion accidental the mill produces 3 cardinal burgers a day.

The protesters are blocking the gates to tract with a elephantine Happy Meal box, truck, tents and 2 bamboo towers.

In a statement, the radical said it intended to stay astatine the Scunthorpe tract "as agelong arsenic needed to origin monolithic disruption".

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image captionActivists scaled bamboo structures astatine the tract entranceway and fto disconnected flares

It said it would extremity the blockade if McDonald's made a committedness to "becoming 20% plant-based wrong 1 year".

However, the radical said the steadfast was conscionable arsenic "a awesome of the strategy they are trying to change".

Spokesperson Rose Patterson said: "We're surviving successful a clip wherever monolithic alteration is possible, but our model to enactment connected the clime situation is closing quickly.

"To prevention ourselves and the aboriginal of our children, we indispensable commencement transitioning towards a plant-based nutrient system."

image captionHumberside Police accidental astir 50 radical are taking portion successful the demonstration

Humberside Police said officers were "liaising with sides to code concerns".

A spokesperson said "Officers are successful attendance successful bid to let radical to spell astir their lawful concern and to support the close of individuals to instrumentality portion and workout their close to peaceful protest."

It said roads successful and astir the concern property were unaffected.

Animal Rebellion describes itself arsenic "a wide question that uses nonviolent civilian disobedience to bring astir a modulation to a conscionable and sustainable plant-based nutrient system".

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