Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mod Restores Original Trilogy Miranda Butt Scenes

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Before you ask: yes, I bash person a folder of Mass Effect mods solely with the intent of penning up successful an effort to support geeking retired with the Mass Effect fans successful our community. Moving on: aft I shared the weirdest of the weird mods with a "Juicy" sexy Hanar mod, I recovered different modding task that I knew would beryllium a large deed with immoderate of readers based connected the mode excessively galore comments we get astir it. In assorted scenes successful the Mass Effect remaster, shifts successful camera angles tin beryllium seen, including 1 infamous country regarding Cerberus' Miranda Lawson. This mod restores the archetypal Mass Effect trilogy Miranda "butt shots."

Miranda Buttgate 2021, the caller Puddlegate of a generation. There was a scene, successful particular, that was addressed successful the Mass Effect Legendary Edition wherever Commander Shepard and Miranda are discussing the destiny of her duplicate sister, a sister that her begetter is looking to kidnap. It's a precise affectional country and it's a treatment that lets the subordinate spot a much susceptible broadside to this quality passim the events of the 2nd game. So erstwhile astir the full heartfelt convo happens, the camera panned to the beneath angle, and the space that BioWare's Kevin Meek says was not primitively intended, but it wasn't addressed either.

When the trilogy was archetypal released, the speech of the weird camera space was a large talking constituent successful the community. Not from a censorship angle, much conscionable talking astir however it was bizarre. There are a fewer scenes similar that, and not conscionable with Miranda. Close-ups of Thane, Jacob, and adjacent Zaeed's assets were prevalent passim the series, making comedic camera angles thing that could perchance interruption the immersion for some. So BioWare fixed it with the remaster, for not conscionable Miranda, but each characters, with camera space changes. This was seen successful the archetypal Mass Effect erstwhile Nihlus, Anderson, and Shepard are preparing to offboard connected Eden Prime. It's besides contiguous with the Miranda heart-to-heart. 

For those that are itching for booty, this mod close here restores each of the Miranda scenes from some Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. The mod's writer had conscionable 1 elemental connection to accidental astir the mod: "Steel your eyes, and pinch your nose! Now you tin bask the show of this woman's backside arsenic she talks astir highly bittersweet and superior things, conscionable similar you utilized to. *Brrrrrap, brap*"


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