Mass Effect Legendary Edition Expanded Galaxy Mod Is Slowly Becoming The EGM From The Original Trilogy

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The Expanded Galaxy mod was 1 of the astir beloved mods for BioWare's archetypal Mass Effect trilogy. With the remaster retired now, and with truthful galore enjoying it, the modding community (from the idiosyncratic side) has wondered if it volition beryllium backmost successful its afloat glory. With the caller coding change, modders present person entree to the assets and tools needed to bring their imaginativeness to life, including bringing backmost the Expanded Galaxy Mod for Mass Effect Legendary Edition. While it's not backmost successful its afloat signifier currently, here's a breakdown of what you tin entree present and what plans down the roadworthy look like. 

In its archetypal iteration, the Expanded Galaxy mod allowed for instant entree to the full postulation representation close from the get-go; it besides carried implicit definite weapons into the corresponding games, customizing the Normandy, caller missions, and truthful overmuch more. It was an expansive acquisition that enriched the communicative told by BioWare immensely, and present it's disposable for the remaster arsenic an evolving project. 

According to Kinkojiro, the modder that uploaded the remaster's EGM, "This mod volition gradually go much similar the afloat EGM experience, arsenic much contented is added." In its existent state, however, determination are a fewer prime of beingness improvements that carried implicit from the archetypal mod mentation that players tin utilize erstwhile playing done the Legendary Edition

So what's disposable now? According to the mod listing: 

Core Gameplay

  • When launching a ngo from the Normandy, the armor surface automatically allows enactment on with the weapons and powers arsenic usual.
  • During a combat mission, property "P" to port-arms (lower your weapon). Whilst not holstering, it has a akin interaction without having to save/reload Shepard.
  • During a combat mission, property "H" to toggle helmets for Shepard and the squad connected and off.
  • During a combat mission, property "ctrl" + "L"  volition let you to alteration weapons and armor and prevention the caller Loadout.  It won't trigger nether fire.

DLC & N7 Mission Timings

  • Load the EGM Settings from the mod manager tools paper and prime LE3. Ideally acceptable earlier you committee the Normandy (once unlocked, the ngo stays unlocked).
  • You tin present prime the timings of DLC missions (Eden Prime, Omega, Citadel, and Leviathan).
  • You tin besides prime the timings of the 6 N7 missions (when Traynor volition denote them).  Any broadside quests tin inactive beryllium completed.


  • Security Scanner tin beryllium acceptable to connected / walk-through (c0.5s delay) / Sprint done successful EGM Settings.
  • War assets tin beryllium viewed from the CIC terminal, and the notifications airy has been fixed.
  • Mails person the format - Surname, Name - Title.

Since it's intolerable to easy person files from the archetypal trilogy implicit into the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, contempt the updated mentation of the modding tools for the remaster, the changes reflected are each done connected an idiosyncratic basis. Because of that, restoring the afloat imaginativeness of the Expanded Galaxy Mod is going to instrumentality immoderate time, but the shot has already begun rolling with the existent mentation available here

If you're interested, you tin download this mod close here! Be definite to besides cheque for updates, arsenic well. If you haven't modded Mass Effect Legendary Edition yet, you'll request to person Mod Manager downloaded. You tin get that, for free, close here. To spot a small much astir the archetypal EGM experience, cheque retired the teaser trailer from 5 years agone successful the video below: 

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