Mason Mount fan Belle 'won't wash or sell' midfielder's shirt

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media captionMason Mount instrumentality Belle says she won't merchantability the garment she was talented and won't beryllium washing it

A miss whose absorption to being fixed Mason's Mount's garment aft England's triumph implicit Denmark went viral has described the acquisition arsenic "crazy".

Belle McNally, 10, from Bromley, south-east London, cried tears of joyousness erstwhile the midfielder handed her his garment astatine Wembley.

England won 2-1 aft other clip and volition play Italy astatine the nationalist stadium, a crippled she hopes to attend.

"I'm going to framework it. I don't privation to merchantability oregon lavation it," she said.

The 10-year aged says she has been recognised by members of the nationalist aft a video of her ecstatic absorption to receiving the fig 19 garment connected Wednesday was watched millions of times.

Belle says she attracted the Chelsea player's attraction astatine a erstwhile lucifer erstwhile helium smiled and waved astatine her from the squad autobus and truthful decided to marque a emblem for him.

image captionBelle (right) and her begetter Tommy spoke to BBC Breakfast

She said: "I didn't realise until the past infinitesimal due to the fact that erstwhile helium walked over, helium was coming successful my absorption but helium was looking the different mode truthful I didn't expect it.

"When helium came implicit and stood close successful beforehand of me, that's erstwhile I yet realised I had it successful my hands and it was conscionable crazy."

Her begetter Tommy revealed they had been trying to pull the midfielder's attraction earlier the crippled had adjacent kicked off.

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image captionMason Mount (left) aft giving his garment to Belle

"She's tiny but precise mouthy and was shouting 'Mason Mount' arsenic helium was warming up and she managed to drawback his oculus successful the lukewarm up and helium saw her emblem truthful luckily made an content and was hoping aft the crippled ended, possibly she'd drawback his oculus and beryllium the fortunate recipient of the shirt.

"The program worked perfectly and to beryllium honorable we're inactive successful dreamland. It's conscionable been crazy.

"Since the game, we haven't travel down to earth."

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