Marked increase in Covid infections across UK

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By Michelle Roberts
Health editor, BBC News online

The UK is experiencing a marked summation successful caller Covid infections, accidental experts from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Latest data from swab tests successful the assemblage suggests 1 successful each 160 radical has the virus.

That is up from 1 successful each 250 successful the erstwhile week. For England, it is the highest level since mid February.

The much infectious Delta variant present accounts for 99% of cases, according to Public Health England.

Around two-thirds of adults person present been treble jabbed against the virus, and experts accidental this is helping forestall precise large rises successful Covid hospitalisations, though admissions are increasing.

Many of the infections being seen are among teenagers and young adults.

Covid astir the UK

According to the ONS Infection Survey findings for the week to July 3:

  • In England, 1 successful 160 radical had the microorganism - up from 1 successful 260 successful the erstwhile week and the highest level since the week to February 19
  • In Scotland, it was 1 successful 100 radical - up from 1 successful 150 and the highest level since the week to January 16
  • For Wales, it was 1 successful 340 radical - up from 1 successful 450 and the highest level since the week to February 27
  • In Northern Ireland it was 1 successful 300 radical - up from 1 successful 670 and the highest since the week to April 3

Sarah Crofts from the ONS said: "We are seeing marked increases successful infections crossed each 4 UK countries driven by the Delta variant, which continues to beryllium the astir communal crossed the UK.

"As the vaccine rollout continues and restrictions are further lifted, it is important that we proceed to intimately show the data."

Dr Jenny Harries, main enforcement of the UK Health Security Agency, said the crisp summation successful cases being seen had not been followed by a akin summation successful hospitalisation and death, suggesting the vaccines were moving well.

"Two doses of the disposable vaccines connection a precocious level of extortion against the Delta variant.

"Getting some jabs is the champion mode to guarantee you and the radical you emotion stay safe, truthful we erstwhile again impulse everyone to travel guardant arsenic soon arsenic they are eligible.

"As we attack the planned extremity of restrictions, we indispensable stay cautious and careful. Cases are rising crossed the country, and whilst the vaccines connection fantabulous protection, they bash not connection 100% protection.

"Be sensible, and travel 'hands, face, space, caller air' astatine each times and marque definite to get tested if required."

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