Marcus Rashford mural defaced after England Euro 2020 defeat

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image captionThe mural was vandalised soon aft England mislaid successful a punishment shootout

A mural honouring footballer Marcus Rashford has been vandalised with graffiti pursuing England's decision to Italy successful the Euro 2020 final.

The artwork successful Withington, Manchester, was defaced soon aft England mislaid successful a punishment shootout connected Sunday.

Rashford, on with Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka, missed a punishment successful the 3-2 shootout and was targeted connected societal media aft the game.

The premier curate has condemned racist maltreatment aimed astatine the players.

Greater Manchester Police person launched an probe aft the vandalism was reported to officers astatine 02:50 BST.

Ch Supt Paul Savill appealed for accusation and said: "Hate transgression successful immoderate signifier is wholly unacceptable and not invited present successful our city."

The artwork, based connected a photograph by Daniel Cheetham and painted by thoroughfare creator Akse, was created successful collaboration with Withington Walls, a assemblage thoroughfare creation project.

It was commissioned successful designation of the Manchester United player's enactment to tackle kid nutrient poverty.

Rashford's parent provided the punctuation connected the mural, which reads: "Take pridefulness successful knowing that your conflict volition play the biggest relation successful your purpose."

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image captionMarcus Rashford was 1 of 3 England players to miss successful the punishment shootout

Ed Wellard, who co-founded Withington Walls, said helium woke up to the quality the mural had been defaced.

"I've travel retired to hole what I could instantly and screen up what I couldn't and hopefully we volition get the creator retired to travel and hole it," helium said.

"We dared to imagination yesterday and our hopes were dashed but to aftermath up to this is much depressing. Racism seems to beryllium much and much prevalent."

Boris Johnson described the maltreatment of players arsenic "appalling," adding the squad deserved "to beryllium lauded arsenic heroes, not racially abused connected societal media".

"Those liable for this appalling maltreatment should beryllium ashamed of themselves," helium said.

The FA besides said it was "appalled" by the targeting of the 3 players pursuing the decision astatine Wembley.

A spokesperson said: "We could not beryllium clearer that anyone down specified disgusting behaviour is not invited successful pursuing the team."

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