Mad Max penalised over horror Hamilton crash

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The clang betwixt Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen astatine the Italian Grand Prix has divided sentiment wrong the F1 community. Stewards recovered Verstappen responsible, handing him a three-place grid driblet for the adjacent race, but plentifulness of experts thought otherwise. "Max hasn't done thing incorrect there," said erstwhile operator Martin Brundle during commentary connected Sky Sports.

By Brett Graham|5:29am Sep 13, 2021

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton - 2021 Italian Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton - 2021 Italian Grand Prix

The 2021 satellite title conflict betwixt Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen turned disfigured successful Italy, with the brace colliding mid-race, successful a frightening clang that saw Verstappen's Red Bull thrust implicit the apical of Hamilton's Mercedes.

"That volition spell down arsenic a racing incident," Martin Brundle said during commentary.

"Verstappen had the close to spell circular the outside, and they've conscionable met successful the middle.

"This is astir excessively scary to watch."

Stewards thought otherwise, handing Verstappen a three-place grid penalty.

"Halo decidedly saved Lewis's beingness today," Mercedes brag Toto Wolff said.

"It would person been a horrible accident, that I don't adjacent privation to deliberation about, if we wouldn't person had the halo."

Romain Grosjean - Bahrain - 2020

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Romain Grosjean - Bahrain - 2020

Romain Grosjean was subjected to deceleration forces 67 times his assemblage weight, according to an probe into his Bahrain crash.

After losing power astatine 241 km/h, the Frenchman deed the obstruction astatine 192 km/h, with the mediate obstruction of the obstruction failing, allowing the car to penetrate.

The immense fireball was caused by the substance vessel inspection hatch and the motor substance proviso transportation some becoming detached.

Grosjean's near ft was trapped nether the brake pedal, with the Frenchman lone capable to flight by taking his ft retired of his racing boot.

The aesculapian squad was connected the country wrong 11 seconds aft cutting a corner, acknowledgment to "local circuit cognition and pre-planning."

The study recovered each operator information instrumentality performed arsenic expected.

Grosjean escaped with burns to his hands and feet, but it was his past Formula One race. He switched to the IndyCar bid successful 2021.

Valentino Rossi - Austria - 2020

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Valentino Rossi - Austria - 2020

Valentino Rossi was fortunate to debar being deed by an retired of power motorcycle astatine Austria successful 2020.

Rossi and Maverick Viñales were battling amongst themselves, erstwhile down them, Johann Zarco and Franco Morbidelli collided astatine 300km/h.

Unbelievably, Morbidelli's retired of power motorcycle went betwixt Rossi and Viñales, who had been wholly oblivious to the play unfolding astir them.

"Yes it was… very, precise scary," said Rossi.

"All 4 riders, but particularly maine and Maverick, we were precise lucky. We person to commune to idiosyncratic tonight. Because the concern was precise dangerous.

"I deliberation that it's bully to beryllium assertive for sure, everyone is trying their maximum, but for maine we don't person to exaggerate. Because we request to retrieve this athletics is precise dangerous. You request to person respect for your rivals, particularly astatine a way wherever you spell 300km/h."

Stan Fox - Indianapolis 500 - 1995

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Stan Fox - Indianapolis 500 - 1995

Stan Fox was a regular astatine Indianapolis, and was making his eighth commencement erstwhile helium was progressive successful this terrifying mishap successful 1995.

After spinning and collecting the car of Eddie Cheever, Fox deed the extracurricular wall, tearing the beforehand of the car cleanable off.

Fox suffered superior caput injuries successful the crash, which near him successful a coma for 5 days, astatine 1 constituent requiring country to relieve a humor clot connected his brain.

He spent 10 weeks successful rehab aft the accident, but the roadworthy to betterment was a agelong one.

"I started from scratch," helium told the Associated Press successful 1999. "I started similar a 4-year-old. I had to larn everything."

The mishap ended Fox's centrifugal racing career. He was killed 5 years aboriginal successful a roadworthy clang portion holidaying successful New Zealand. He was 48.

Scott Dixon - Indianapolis - 2017

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Scott Dixon - Indianapolis - 2017

Scott Dixon was fortunate to locomotion distant from this convulsive clang during the 2017 Indianapolis 500.

On thigh 53, Jay Howard (car No.77) mislaid power coming disconnected crook two, sliding into the way of Dixon, who was launched disconnected the backmost of Howard's car.

Dixon's car deed the wrong partition of the track, ripping a spread successful the drawback fencing.

"At that point, everything conscionable slows down truthful overmuch that it really felt similar it took a mates minutes to get done that full crash," Dixon said later.

"I retrieve seeing Jay, realising I couldn't truly crook distant from it, hitting him, being airborne, looking down and thinking, 'Wow, I'm truly high.'"

"When I yet landed I was sitting up looking astatine the assemblage and I saw the full backmost of a car missing and I was like, 'Wow, I anticipation that person's OK.' When I got out, I really realised it was my car."

Ryan Newman - Daytona - 2020

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Ryan Newman - Daytona - 2020

In the closing stages of the 2020 Daytona 500, Ryan Newman was clipped from behind, turning his car hard close and astir head-on into the barriers.

As the car slid down the circuit with the driver's broadside facing the oncoming cars, Newman was deed by Corey Lajoie. Newman's car continued to skid on the track, upside down, with the operator unconscious inside.

It was 16 minutes earlier Newman could beryllium removed from the car, and helium has nary recollection of the accident.

"Everything aligned successful truthful galore ways," helium said.

"The information workers, the unit that were involved, that were wrong the car with me, spent clip with maine during and aft the crash, each furniture of it determination was aggregate miracles -- large miracles and small miracles, successful my sentiment -- that aligned for maine to beryllium capable to locomotion retired days aboriginal with my hands astir my daughters and to beryllium thankful.

"I truly don't person immoderate memories oregon recollection of immoderate of my clang until I really had my arms astir my daughters walking retired of the hospital."

Paul Radisich - Bathurst - 2006

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Paul Radisich - Bathurst - 2006

Paul Radisich suffered career-threatening injuries successful this clang astatine the Bathurst 1000 successful 2006.

The New Zealand driver, who finished 2nd successful the contention successful some 1990 and 2000, crashed astatine the exit to The Chase, hitting the obstruction astir head-on.

The interaction shattered his near ankle.

"I was reasoning 'this is gonna hurt'. And it did," helium said later.

"If it was my close ft that was damaged, I decidedly wouldn't beryllium racing again."

Radisich besides suffered a fractured sternum successful the accident, but returned to the athletics successful 2007. Another large clang astatine Bathurst successful 2008 forced him into retirement.

Mauricio Gugelmin - France - 1989

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Mauricio Gugelmin - France - 1989

There was chaos astatine the commencement of the 1989 French Grand Prix astatine the Paul Ricard circuit.

Brazilian Mauricio Gugelmin, driving for the Lleyton House team, thought helium could instrumentality vantage of a spread astatine the archetypal turn, lone to find his way abruptly blocked.

"Suddenly determination was (Nigel) Mansell close successful front, (Gerhard) Berger connected the near and (Thierry) Boutsen connected the right," helium said.

"As the spread closed, I braked a small harder, locked up my beforehand wheels with a spot of right-hand fastener on, and that was it ...."

Gugelmin was launched into the air, but had the beingness of caput to flick the electrical maestro power disconnected portion helium was successful mid-air, to forestall a fire.

He was capable to instrumentality the re-start successful his spare car, though helium required a lengthy pit-stop to hole an motor contented and finished 9 laps down Alain Prost's winning McLaren.

Martin Brundle - Melbourne - 1996

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Martin Brundle - Melbourne - 1996

The Australian Grand Prix switched from Adelaide to Melbourne successful 1996, but the contention was lone 3 corners aged erstwhile Martin Brundle's Jordan was progressive successful a immense accident.

A concatenation absorption caused by Olivier Panis braking abruptly successful the Ligier resulted successful David Coulthard moving near successful his McLaren and consecutive into the way of Brundle, who was launched into the air.

His Jordan barrel-rolled done the run-off area, breaking isolated successful horrifying circumstances.

"I had a beauteous wide roadworthy up of me," Brundle said, "and past abruptly determination was thing but cars going slowly.

"I was level retired successful sixth doing astir 290km/h truthful the closing velocity was excessively precocious for maine to bash thing astir it.

"I was a rider connected a high-speed merry-go-round. I conscionable concentrated connected making definite I didn't deed my head. The mishap seemed to spell connected for a precise agelong time."

Brundle was capable to extract himself from the car, and to the cheers of the spectators, tally backmost down the pitlane to his spare car for the restart.

His 2nd effort didn't past overmuch longer, retiring connected the 2nd thigh aft a collision with Pedro Diniz.

Mark Webber - Valencia - 2010

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Mark Webber - Valencia - 2010

Mark Webber's tally astatine the 2010 Valencia Grand Prix came to an extremity aft helium clipped the backmost of Heikki Kovalainen's Lotus, sending his car flying done the air.

Webber took retired an overhead advertizing sign, and initially landed upside down, earlier the car righted itself and slammed into the tyre obstruction connected the extracurricular of the circuit.

"I deed the backmost of him and astatine 300 km/h I didn't request Red Bull to springiness maine wings, I conscionable took flight," Webber aboriginal wrote.

"What's bizarre successful these situations is that everything goes truly quiet.

"I retrieve being disquieted astir the bridge, due to the fact that I knew determination was 1 connected the way somewhere, and if you travel into interaction with that, well, it doesn't carnivore reasoning about.

"My last thought was, 'This could spell either way.'

"What truly upset maine was what happened to the car - chassis 4 - the 1 successful which I'd won astatine Barcelona and Monaco. The squad was going to springiness it to maine astatine the extremity of the season.

"I had destroyed Seb (Vettel) successful that car, truthful it was very, precise special."

Jos Verstappen - Germany - 1994

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Jos Verstappen - Germany - 1994

What should person been a regular pitstop for Jos Verstappen astatine the 1994 German Grand Prix rapidly turned to catastrophe aft a tiny magnitude of substance leaked onto the car.

Verstappen's Benetton was engulfed successful a monolithic fireball, though marshals were rapidly connected manus to extinguish the inferno.

The Dutchman and 5 mechanics were taken to infirmary for attraction for burns, though lone 2 were kept successful infirmary overnight.

"My imaginativeness of the car was abruptly replaced by a agleam airy arsenic a oversea of achromatic occurrence erupted retired of the fuel," wrote Steve Matchett, who operated the rear jack.

"It washed implicit and engulfed the car successful an tremendous fireball.

"My gloves and overalls had caught fire. My adjacent representation is of rolling implicit and implicit connected the ground. Every clip I was facing skyward I saw flames coming from my overalls and thought that I'd amended support rolling.

"Inside the store the country was reminiscent of the aftermath of battle. Tools and equiment were strewn everywhere; respective radical were lying connected the ground, portion others were inactive trying to propulsion their smouldering overalls off."

When Verstappen's teammate Michael Schumacher aboriginal retired from the race, Matchett wrote that the grade of the occurrence near the German stunned.

"Michael yet climbed retired and walked to the backmost of the garage, amazed astatine the authorities of Jos' car, and visibly shocked arsenic helium became alert of what had occurred."

An probe revealed the occurrence was caused by the removal of a filter, which is believed to person allowed the squad to summation the velocity of the refuelling by 12.5 per cent. Benetton was recovered blameworthy of trying to summation an advantage, but nary punishment was handed down aft different teams confirmed they'd done likewise.

Fernando Alonso - Melbourne - 2016

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Fernando Alonso - Melbourne - 2016

Fernando Alonso's 2016 Australian Grand Prix ended with his McLaren-Honda being wholly destroyed astatine Turn Three, the aforesaid country wherever Martin Brundle had his monolithic mishap 20 years earlier.

On thigh 17, Alonso was battling with the Haas of Esteban Gutierrez, with Alonso's close beforehand tyre clipping the near rear of Gutierrez.

The Spaniard was subjected to a 46g interaction that near him with breached ribs, but helium was capable to ascent from the shattered remains of the McLaren.

"I americium fortunate to beryllium present and thankful to beryllium here," said Alonso aft the race.

"I americium alert that contiguous I spent immoderate of the luck remaining successful life. I privation to convey McLaren and the FIA for the information of this car. I americium live acknowledgment to the occupation of the past 10-15 years successful Formula One.

"I was flying, truthful you spot the entity past the ground, past the sky, past the ground. You privation to halt but it doesn't stop. It keeps going and going and going. It was rather scary, but astatine the past infinitesimal the car stopped and I had a small abstraction to spell retired and I said: 'I volition spell retired rapidly due to the fact that my parent volition beryllium watching astatine home."'

Bathurst - 1981

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Bathurst - 1981

The 1981 Bathurst 1000 was stopped aboriginal aft a immense clang astatine McPhillamy Park near the way blocked.

Just earlier 3pm, with 40 laps remaining, Christine Gibson and Bob Morris made contact, starting a concatenation absorption that yet progressive six cars.

"It was thing much oregon little than an instant communal misjudgement of who was going to inhabit what peculiar portion of road," Bill Tuckey wrote successful his publication connected the 1981 race.

"There were immoderate facile excuses for the McPhillamy Park Apocalypse. The chauvinists said that a pistillate operator had nary spot successful today's brutal V8's; anyone who knows the cheerful, experienced, freckle-faced Chris Gibson volition laughter astatine that."

Reflecting connected the incidental 3 decades later, Gibson said she'd lone conscionable got backmost successful the car aft a pitstop.

"I went up crossed McPhillamy, up the hill, I looked successful the rear reflector and knew Bobby (Bob Morris) was coming," she told

"I intended to determination crossed to the close manus broadside arsenic I went crossed Skyline. Bobby was a spot impatient and tried to spell down the outside, helium dropped a instrumentality disconnected the circuit onto the dirt.

"I'm not precisely definite of the series of events but helium deed the factual partition connected the outside, crashed into me, spun maine past everyone other crashed into us.

"He spun and we fundamentally had a caput on. It caused a large postulation jam astatine the apical of the hill, but truly it was conscionable a racing incidental involving Bob and I and past it each compounded aft that."

The contention was stopped, with Dick Johnson and John French declared the winners. It was the archetypal clip the contention hadn't tally its afloat distance.

Austria - 1987

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Austria - 1987

The 1987 Austrian Grand Prix was doubly re-started aft start-line crashes involving overmuch of the field.

At the 2nd start, Nigel Mansell's Williams (car No.5) suffered a clutch occupation and slowed to a crawl.

"With obscurity to spell erstwhile confronted by Mansell's car, Patrese chose to plaything right," the 1987 variation of Autocourse reported.

"Unfortunately, the abstraction was already occupied arsenic Cheever tried to compression betwixt the Williams and the pit wall. When the Brabham and the Arrows collided, it was the awesome for chaos to interruption retired arsenic Johansson rammed them, portion Brundle, successful turn, deed the rear of the McLaren and, finally, the Brabham.

"Ghinzani braked hard and was spun sideways by Caffi while, to their near successful the centre of the track, Capelli, Alliot , Danner and Streiff were having their ain accident."

A full of 10 cars were damaged and contention was stopped again, though fortunately each drivers were unharmed.

The contention was yet started for a 3rd time, 20 minutes aft it had primitively been scheduled to end, with Mansell starring location Nelson Piquet successful a 1-2 for Williams-Honda.

Fernando Alonso - Belgium - 2018

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Fernando Alonso - Belgium - 2018

The instauration of the halo information instrumentality was arguable astatine the commencement of the 2018 season, but its benefits were plain to spot erstwhile Fernando Alonso was launched into the aerial astatine the Belgian Grand Prix.

Alonso was deed from down by the Renault of Nico Hulkenberg, which catapulted the McLaren implicit the Sauber of Charles Leclerc.

"The affirmative broadside is we are each 3 okay, particularly Charles," Alonso said.,

"I flew implicit his car and the halo was a bully happening to person today."

Leclerc admitted successful a tweet aft the contention that his archetypal misgivings astir the halo had rapidly disappeared.

"Never been a instrumentality of the halo but I person to accidental that I was precise blessed to person it implicit my caput today," helium wrote.

Alex Zanardi - Germany - 2001

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Alex Zanardi - Germany - 2001

Alex Zanardi mislaid some legs successful this horrific IndyCar clang successful Germany successful 2001.

Competing connected the high-speed EuroSpeedway Lausitz successful Germany, Zanardi was starring precocious successful the contention erstwhile helium mislaid power of his car exiting the pits.

Coming to remainder successful the mediate of the track, helium could bash thing but anticipation that the different cars, travelling astatine 340km/h, would miss him. The archetypal car, driven by Patrick Carpentier did, but Alex Tagliani, conscionable down Carpentier, couldn't debar the stricken Zanardi.

The interaction was horrendous, shattering Zanardi's car and leaving the Italian with life-threatening injuries.

Long-time aesculapian manager for the IndyCar series, Dr Steve Olvey, wrote astir the mishap successful his publication Rapid Response.

"I watched the TV show successful horror, fearing the worst," Olvey wrote.

"I was definite no-one could past that benignant of an impact.

"(Alex's) breathing was obstructed and helium was unconscious. Blood spewed from some legs. Both femoral arteries, the ample ones that transportation each the humor to the legs, had been severed.

"(We) knew determination wasn't overmuch clip left."

IndyCar's nonmigratory priest, Father Phil De Rea, collected lipid from the crashed car to administer the past rites to Zanardi, earlier the rescue chopper flew him to a Berlin hospital.

Both legs had been severed successful the accident, but 7 hours of country was capable to prevention the Italian's life.

"When (wife Daniela) told maine that I had mislaid my legs, it seemed insignificant – I was blessed conscionable to beryllium alive," Zanardi wrote successful his autobiography My Story.

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