Long-lasting Covid-19 symptoms rare in children

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image captionHeadache was 1 of the astir communal symptoms

Children who go sick with coronavirus seldom acquisition semipermanent symptoms, with astir recovering successful little than a week, probe suggests.

King's College London scientists accidental that portion a tiny radical whitethorn acquisition prolonged illness, they were "reassured" that fig was low.

Headaches and tiredness were the astir communal symptoms seen.

A Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health adept said the information reflected what doctors saw successful clinics.

Compared to adults, children are acold little astatine hazard of coronavirus.

Many who are infected bash not make symptoms and those that do, thin to person a mild illness.

This peer-reviewed study, published successful the Lancet Child and Adolescent Health journal, wanted to recognize however Covid affected children and however it compared to different respiratory diseases.

It utilized information provided by parents oregon carers to the UK Zoe Covid Study app.

The survey looked astatine 1,734 children, aged betwixt 5 and 17, who were reported to person developed symptoms and tested affirmative for Covid betwixt September 2020 and February 2021.

Fewer than 1 successful 20 of those with Covid experienced symptoms for 4 weeks oregon more, with 1 successful 50 having symptoms for much than 8 weeks.

On average, older children were typically sick for somewhat longer than superior schoolhouse children, with those aged betwixt 12 and 17 taking a week to retrieve portion for younger children the unwellness lasted 5 days.

The astir communal symptoms reported were headaches and tiredness. Other communal symptoms included a sore throat, and nonaccomplishment of smell.

There were nary reports of neurological symptoms specified arsenic fits oregon seizures.

'Listen to families'

The squad besides looked astatine an adjacent fig of children who had symptoms but tested antagonistic for Covid.

Only a fewer children - 15 retired of 1,734 - had symptoms for astatine slightest 28 days, less than 1 successful 100.

Emma Duncan, prof of objective endocrinology astatine King's College London who worked connected the research, said the "takeaway message" was: "Can children person prolonged unwellness aft Covid-19? Yes they can, but it's not communal and astir of these children get amended with time.

"Children tin besides person prolonged symptoms from different illnesses arsenic well. We request to beryllium looking aft each children who person protracted illnesses, irrespective of whether that unwellness is Covid-19 oregon thing else."

Dr Michael Absoud, a advisor successful paediatric neurodisability astatine Evelina London Children's Hospital and a elder writer of the study, says it's important to perceive to families who accidental their children person symptoms.

"If you are acrophobic astir your child, the archetypal happening you request to bash is spell to your GP and picture your peculiar symptoms," helium explains.

"They tin supply accusation oregon notation you to a paediatrician. It's important to retrieve determination whitethorn beryllium thing other going on.

"If they deliberation it is related to Covid, determination are NHS clinics dedicated to providing proposal connected however to attack this. Hopefully they volition beryllium decently funded to enactment this tiny proportionality of children."

Dr Liz Whittaker, infectious illness pb astatine the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health who was not progressive successful the research, said: "This survey is reassuring for the bulk of children and young radical who make Sars-CoV-2 infection, and reflects what paediatricians are seeing successful objective practice."

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