Liverpool MP accuses Met Police of racial profiling

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image captionKim Johnson MP says constabulary officers surrounded the radical she was retired with

Liverpool's archetypal achromatic MP has accused constabulary officers of racially profiling her and her household connected a nighttime out.

Riverside MP Kim Johnson said the enactment of 5 were surrounded by Metropolitan Police officers connected 18 June during the England v Scotland Euro 2020 game.

She said officers stopped her radical "because of their tegument colour" alternatively than "football fans causing havoc" adjacent successful London's Leicester Square.

The Met Police said it was incapable to remark connected the circumstantial incident.

Ms Johnson said she was retired with her lad and his person and some of their wives.

She told BBC Radio Merseyside erstwhile they stepped retired of a taxi to spell to a edifice 3 oregon 4 constabulary officers surrounded them.

'Fitted description'

She said the officers asked her son's friend, who she described arsenic "a precise tall, achromatic antheral who was wearing a agleam yellowish jacket", wherever we had been, adding: "He fitted a description."

"There were each these shot fans down america causing havoc... but they weren't funny successful what they were doing. They were conscionable funny successful america which aggrieved maine nary end."

When she asked wherefore they were being stopped and told them she was an MP the officers "turned connected their heels and near america be", she said.

Ms Johnson said she had "never utilized the MP card" but "luckily it worked connected this occasion".

"It's bittersweet due to the fact that of the colour of our tegument we are inactive dealt with successful this mode - successful this time and age," she said.

The MP said she saw small constituent successful reporting the incidental arsenic she claimed "they don't get investigated; there's ever an excuse".

"Sadly we cognize stop-and-search for achromatic radical is inactive disproportionately high," she said.

The Metropolitan Police said it was "unable to remark connected this circumstantial incidental without the afloat circumstances".

It said a ample fig of officers had been successful cardinal London that evening arsenic portion of the policing cognition for Euro 2020.

It said it would expect officers responding to an allegation of transgression "to prosecute each lines of enquiry, including speaking to individuals who lucifer the statement of those allegedly involved". 

The unit added it "remains committed to ensuring each brushwood is conducted professionally with respect and courtesy".

In February quality rights radical Justice called for the suspension of constabulary powers to stop-and-search people, saying it was cardinal successful the disproportionate practice of achromatic people successful the criminal-justice system.

However, the authorities said stop-and-search had been "a captious tool" successful seizing unsafe weapons past year, portion the Met Police said it was "a hugely important constabulary powerfulness for protecting the public".

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