Lisa Shaw death: Husband calls for vaccine choice

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image captionLisa Shaw was a presenter connected BBC Radio Newcastle until her decease successful May

A antheral whose wife's decease is being investigated implicit imaginable links to the AstraZeneca Covid-19 jab is calling for radical to person their prime of vaccine.

A coroner is considering if the vaccine contributed to the decease of BBC vigor presenter Lisa Shaw, 44, successful May.

Her hubby Gareth Eve said the jab had been "outstanding" but its "risks" should beryllium "recognised".

The authorities said 81 cardinal vaccines had been administered, with benefits outweighing risks for astir people.

Mr Eve said helium and his wife, who was a presenter connected BBC Radio Newcastle, had some been "excited" astir being vaccinated truthful she could "give her mam a hug" having been a "stickler" for pursuing lockdown rules.

image captionGareth Eve said helium was "absolutely not an anti-vaxxer"

A week aft getting her archetypal dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, she started getting headaches and ended up being taken to Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) for attraction for humor clots.

He said the treatments initially seemed to enactment well, but erstwhile helium went to sojourn her connected a Sunday day she seemed confused and was suffering further headaches.

Doctors diagnosed a bleed connected the encephalon and she was transferred to the hospital's precocious dependency unit.

"I went to spot her and she told maine to spell location and spot our lad due to the fact that it was late," Mr Eve told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire.

"She said 'I'm tired'. I gave her a kiss. And I ne'er spoke to her again."

There is simply a known apt side-effect to the AstraZeneca vaccine that is precise rare, known arsenic vaccine-induced thrombosis and thrombocytopenia (VITT). That's a information wherever clots signifier successful operation with debased platelet levels, and that is thing that doesn't hap naturally. Therefore, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) thinks determination is simply a beardown likelihood that it is the vaccine causing this.

There person been astir 400 cases - astir aft the archetypal dose - with 71 deaths, truthful it's astir 1 decease per 650,000 doses.

There is immoderate proposition there's a somewhat higher hazard successful women than men but it's not perfectly clear, and somewhat higher incidence successful young people. That is wherefore initially the Joint Committee connected Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) said initially radical nether 30 should not person the AstraZeneca vaccine, which they changed to nether 40 successful May.

All medicines including vaccines person risks arsenic good arsenic benefits. For individuals and society, you person to acceptable that against the risks you are trying to prevent, which is Covid.

With Covid determination person been thing similar 1,900 deaths per 1 cardinal radical successful the UK and Covid itself is known to beryllium a superior origin of clots.

Something similar 1 successful 5 radical hospitalised with Covid volition extremity up with clots.

Mr Eve said helium was "absolutely not an anti-vaxxer" but portion "we don't cognize this information, possibly the reply is to springiness radical the alternative".

"It's not arsenic if we don't person different vaccines disposable to us, truthful portion determination is this unreality implicit AstraZeneca, possibly enactment it connected crystal and accidental we are going to look into giving radical the different jab," helium said.

Mr Eve added: "What the vaccine has done is unbelievable. The enactment these radical person done to get the state backmost connected its feet is outstanding.

"But we request to recognise determination are families who person been affected by this jab."

He said helium realised the fig of fatalities linked to the vaccine was a "drop successful the ocean" but said: "It hasn't been a driblet successful the water for our family, it has deed our household similar a tidal wave."

'Deeply saddened'

The BBC asked the Department of Health if radical should beryllium fixed a prime of vaccine and a authorities spokesperson said: "We are profoundly saddened to perceive astir the decease of Ms Shaw and our thoughts are with the family.

"As the UK's autarkic medicines regulator, the MHRA, and the Joint Committee connected Vaccination and Immunisation person said, for the immense bulk of people, the benefits of preventing superior unwellness and decease outweigh immoderate risks and the vaccines person saved thousands of lives.

"People volition beryllium offered a vaccine that is astir suitable for them. For example, everyone nether the property of 40 volition beryllium offered an alternate to the AstraZeneca vaccine, arsenic advised by the JCVI.

"Those who person already had a archetypal dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine should person a 2nd dose of the aforesaid brand, irrespective of age, but for the precise tiny fig of radical who experienced humor clots with debased platelet counts from their archetypal vaccination."

MHRA main enforcement Dr June Raine said: "It is inactive vitally important that radical travel guardant for their vaccination and for their 2nd dose erstwhile invited to bash so."

She said suspected side-effects linked to vaccines tin beryllium reported to the MHRA's yellowish paper scheme.

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