Lisa Shaw death: 'Give people choice over type of Covid jab'

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BBC Newcastle presenter Lisa Shaw died aft a bleed connected the brain, a week aft receiving her archetypal dose of AstraZeneca vaccine. She had been taken to infirmary aft processing terrible headaches.

Her husband, Gareth Eve, says helium is alert of the hazard of uncommon broadside effects that travel with vaccines.

He says a prime of Covid vaccines should beryllium offered to radical - thing that the UK does not routinely bash currently.

The vaccine was listed arsenic a imaginable origin connected Lisa's interim decease certificate, and a coroner's inquest volition present look into the 44-year-old's origin of death.

The MHRA has said: "Over 81 cardinal doses of vaccines against Covid-19 person present been administered successful the UK, redeeming thousands of lives... No effectual medicine oregon vaccine is without hazard and our proposal remains that the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine outweigh the risks successful the bulk of radical and it's inactive vitally important that radical travel guardant for their vaccination and their 2nd dose erstwhile they are invited to bash so."

A connection from the Department of Health and Social Care says: "All vaccines being utilized successful the UK person undergone robust objective trials and person met the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) strict standards of information effectiveness and quality."

If you are feeling emotionally distressed by this report, enactment is disposable successful the UK astatine

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