Lenovo points finger at Google over broken smart displays

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Some owners of the Lenovo Smart Display and Lenovo Smart Clock person been near with blank screens aft a “firmware issue” caused their devices to malfunction astir 5 months ago.

As reported by The Register, backmost successful April reports began to look that immoderate owners of the company’s astute location devices were experiencing frozen screens. Since rebooting Lenovo’s Smart Display and Smart Clock oregon reverting the devices backmost to mill settings lone offered a impermanent fix, users took to the company’s enactment forum to dependable their concerns.

Although the scope and standard of the occupation remains unknown, income information from Canalys shows that Lenovo has shipped astir 1.2m Smart Clocks and an estimated 650k Smart Displays.

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A scholar of The Register reached retired to the quality outlet to supply further details connected the issues they’ve been experiencing, saying:

“We’ve explained countless times to them [Lenovo] earlier that the surface freezes soon aft powering connected (often successful a substance of minutes, sometimes a mates of hours) and you are incapable to interact with the device. The instrumentality gets rebooted, it works good and past it freezes again.”

Shifting the blasted to Google
According to Lenovo’s Smart Home assemblage pb Zuzana who asked the company’s customers to person much patience successful a forum post, Lenovo has been moving with Google connected a hole since June. However, customers are increasing progressively upset with the deficiency of advancement from Lenovo and this has led to further frustration.

In a connection to The Register, a Lenovo Spokesperson explained that Google is liable for deploying bundle updates to some its Smart Displays and Smart Clocks, saying:

“Software updates are deployed by Google for Lenovo Smart Displays & Smart Clocks with the Google Assistant. The Google product/engineering squad is moving connected replicating the firmware issues identified by immoderate users truthful they tin successful crook contented a fix. For much details, you tin interaction Google directly.”
While Google’s ain Nest Hub was primitively powered by a Linux-based OS and past aboriginal Fuchsia, Lenovo’s Smart Displays tally connected Android Things which was closed disconnected to caller projects from January of this year.

We’ll person to hold and spot if Google’s engineers are capable to travel up with a hole but adjacent if they do, it whitethorn beryllium excessively precocious to pacify disgruntled Lenovo astute instrumentality customers.

source : https://www.techradar.com/news/lenovo-points-finger-at-google-over-broken-smart-displays

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