'Lazy' England under fire as nightmare continues

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England greats person erstwhile again panned their team's performance, aft the visitors toiled their mode to conscionable 2 wickets connected a frustrating opening time of the Ashes Test astatine the Adelaide Oval.

Speaking connected BT Sport, erstwhile wicketkeeper Matt Prior praised wicketkeeper Jos Buttler's aboriginal drawback to disregard Marcus Harris, but it was each downhill from there.

Buttler doubly dropped Marnus Labuschagne, the 2nd an implicit sitter.

"There was a large instrumentality down the legside to commencement things disconnected and Jos did that by taking an archetypal measurement and past stepping again to springiness himself a truly bully foundation," Prior said.

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"But with the archetypal driblet helium got stuck. He didn't get a large capable measurement successful and past helium wasn't capable to spell again. He threw his hands astatine the shot due to the fact that he'd lone covered fractional the crushed of the archetypal catch. Then for the 2nd driblet helium got stuck again."

Prior, 1 of England's champion keeper-batsmen, said everyone thought it was the hands "that get you the catch".

"It's not, it's your footwork. And your hands follow," helium said.

"There were a mates of takes wherever Jos had a dive, that's lazy wicketkeeping. You privation to dive arsenic small arsenic possible."

England had been scrutinised heavy for excluding James Anderson and Stuart Broad from the squad for the opening Test astatine the Gabba.

With the archetypal time of the Adelaide Test ending with the brace combining for conscionable the solitary wicket, the gamble isn't paying off.

Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler connected time 1 of the Ashes Test successful Adelaide. (Getty)

"Root had warned against putting each their apples successful the day-night, pink-ball basket, but it felt similar that is what the enactment was doing, loaded arsenic it was with the benignant of onslaught England had promised not to revisit aft immoderate days of toil connected the 2017-18 tour," wrote erstwhile England skipper Mike Atherton successful The Times.

"England are not doing overmuch close present that makes cricketing consciousness and this enactment looked counter-intuitive."

On a greenish transportation nether gloomy skies successful Brisbane, England had chosen a varied and balanced attack; now, nether piercing bluish skies and connected a dry, biscuit-coloured pitch, that assortment and equilibrium is lacking.

"Some accidental England ever look to beryllium reasoning astir the crippled but 1 successful beforehand of them; here, it looked similar they were playing the crippled behind," helium said.

Cummins ruled retired of 2nd Test

Atherton besides slammed the visitor's implicit rate, calling it "predictably poor".

In The Telegraph, Scyld Berry was afloat of praise for Australian opener David Warner, saying helium had elevated himself to go 1 of a uncommon fewer elite opening bats who tin execute successful each formats.

"Warner has not teed disconnected against England's opening bowlers. Not astatine all," Berry said.

"He has 'given the archetypal hr to the bowler' according to the past dictum of batsmanship, without immoderate aggression except, crucially, successful moving betwixt wickets.

"In this 2nd Test Warner did not get disconnected the people until his 20th ball, his slowest ever commencement successful 88 Tests. In a T20 crippled helium could person slapped precisely the aforesaid bowling for 50, but no.

"That is versatility for you, and innate aggression – from the unsmooth occidental suburbs of Sydney – combined with humility, arsenic his acquisition from the disapproval heaped upon him for ball-tampering successful South Africa."

Berry said Rohit Sharma was yet to maestro the Test format, leaving "Chris Gayle, Virender Sehwag and Warner."

Australia volition statesman time 2 successful a fantastic presumption astatine 2-221.

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