John Lewis and Waitrose plan to cut 1,000 jobs

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John Lewis and Waitrose are readying to chopped 1,000 jobs arsenic portion of a shake-up of store management.

The determination follows the closure of 8 John Lewis shops earlier this year, which enactment astir 1,500 jobs astatine risk.

John Lewis, which owns Waitrose and the section store chain, is trying to chopped costs arsenic buying habits alteration and much radical store online.

It said it would assistance affected unit find caller roles and wanted to debar compulsory redundancies.

The projected occupation cuts "will let america to reinvest successful what matters astir to our customers", a John Lewis Partnership spokesperson said.

It volition put successful lawsuit work roles and "visual merchandising to marque our shops look their champion to entice customers", the retailer said.

The cuts volition "reduce the fig of layers betwixt our astir elder leaders and non-management" store level staff, it added.

Cuts and closures

The coronavirus pandemic accelerated a inclination towards radical buying online alternatively of successful stores.

John Lewis enactment successful spot a program to accommodate to the roar successful online buying past year, which included closing 8 stores with the nonaccomplishment of 1,300 jobs.

It past announced a further 8 section store closures this year, aft the interaction of the pandemic led it to study a hefty yearly loss.

Earlier this month, the concern announced plans to build 10,000 rental homes implicit the adjacent fewer years to springiness it a unchangeable semipermanent income.

At the moment, it has 34 John Lewis shops and 331 Waitrose stores and crossed the UK.

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