IRS audits fell in 2020 — with one big exception

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Internal Revenue Service audit numbers dropped again successful 2020, continuing a downward inclination that’s been occurring for years — yet audit numbers for the affluent appeared to beryllium connected the upswing.

The IRS wrapped up 509,917 audits past fiscal year, recommending that radical connected the concern extremity of the examinations wage an further $12.9 cardinal other successful taxes, according to a caller investigation by the agency. That’s down from the much than 771,000 audits successful fiscal-year 2019 recommending much than $17 cardinal successful further taxes. It’s acold from the 1.5 cardinal audits concluded successful 2010.

But wrong the full 2020 count, 10,890 concluded audits focused connected taxation returns worthy astatine slightest $1 million. That’s acold from the 24,744 audits which ended successful taxation twelvemonth 2011 for well-heeled returns that were worthy astatine slightest $1 million. Still, it’s up from the 889 audits for the affluent that were wrapped up successful taxation twelvemonth 2018.

The statistic are different information constituent successful an ongoing communicative astir the IRS’s shrinking audit complaint and shrinking unit size.

During fiscal 2020, the IRS had astir 76,000 “full-time equivalent” positions — that’s a 20% driblet from 2010. The fiscal twelvemonth began successful October 2019 and stretched into the pandemic, ending successful September 2020.

The Biden medication wants to devote $80 cardinal over a decade to beef up IRS unit and resources successful bid to make much audits and much compliance from affluent taxpayers.

The caller IRS study acknowledges having less resources erstwhile it comes to audits.
“We person shifted important audit resources and exertion to summation our absorption connected high-income taxpayers, including those who person failed to record returns and those engaged successful definite types of abusive transactions,” IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig said successful the report. “This is astir fairness.”

Rettig has antecedently estimated that the yearly quality betwixt taxes owed and taxes paid could beryllium around $1 trillion. “We bash get outgunned. There’s nary different mode to accidental it,” helium said astatine the time.

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