IoT projects demand new skills from IT project managers

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If you deliberation regular IT task managers tin tally IoT projects, you mightiness beryllium miscalculating. Here's why.


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In June 2021, the State of Indiana rolled retired a project management model that was specifically designed for the Internet of Things. Other IoT PM programs are apt to travel due to the fact that moving an IoT task is antithetic than moving a modular IT project, and caller skills indispensable beryllium learned

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Like IT projects, IoT projects request managers who person fantabulous brushed skills (i.e. communications, collaboration, negotiation, empathy, etc.), and the quality to negociate a multi-disciplinary squad done a bid of tasks successful bid to execute an wide objective. The task manager besides tends to beryllium a task-oriented idiosyncratic who ne'er loses way of the captious way to task success, and who has the quality to displacement strategy successful bid to circumvent the task roadblocks that inevitably arise.

IoT task absorption has each of that, but it besides demands an further acceptable of skills that IT task managers whitethorn not have.

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These skills include:

A much broad information focus

Security is an constituent of each IT projects, but it is importantly much analyzable erstwhile IoT is involved. This is owed to the diverseness of IoT solutions successful the marketplace. Many devices travel with proprietary operating systems and communications protocols, and a bulk person anemic information astatine best.

Enterprise assets planning, manufacturing execution strategy and quality resources accusation strategy vendors person created middleware platforms of their ain to woody with the diverseness of IoT truthful that IoT tin beryllium translated and ingested into their systems with the middleware, but that doesn't needfully lick each IoT information contented connected a project.

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Sometimes, information has to beryllium manually developed for the IoT being installed successful a project. In different cases, information tweaking is needed. In astir each case, information becomes a abstracted task enactment point for each IoT solution being implemented and adds to the duration of the project.

With information assuming specified a cardinal relation connected projects, IoT PMs should beryllium arsenic conversant and knowledgeable astir IoT information arsenic they are with exertion development. Some PMs whitethorn request to instrumentality an IoT information overview people to familiarize themselves with IoT information terminology and techniques.

Skill successful vendor management

There are much than 600 antithetic IoT vendors successful the marketplace. Many of them are shoestring startups that strive to get their products to marketplace first, without securing oregon debugging them. This signifier impacts IoT projects due to the fact that determination are glitches successful IoT devices that impact task timelines Often, resolutions tin lone beryllium achieved with progressive enactment from the IoT vendor.

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IT task managers person acquisition moving with vendors during task occupation resolutions, but what's antithetic astir IoT projects is that determination are much IoT vendors and much opportunities for things to spell wrong. In immoderate cases IoT vendor enactment is mediocre oregon non-existent, and you person to travel up with your ain workaround.

This makes the quality to negociate vendor relationships a mandatory accomplishment for IoT task managers. 

Straddling the worlds of IT and operations

Unlike IT task managers who tin beryllium engulfed astir solely with IT unit moving connected their projects, IoT task managers indispensable enactment with some IT and operations personnel. If a PM is implementing IoT sensors connected a manufacturing line, the IoT task squad volition incorporate a premix of IT and manufacturing staff.

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The IoT task manager indispensable recognize the needs of some the IT and operational sides of the task truthful helium oregon she tin bring some sides of the task squad unneurotic to get the task done.

Training arsenic a scheduled task enactment item

Many IT projects don't formally incorporate grooming arsenic a enactment item. IT considers a task implicit arsenic soon arsenic installation is achieved, and squad members determination on. Not truthful with IoT projects.

In an IoT project, determination are large changes successful operational processes created by the IoT. Employees request clip to set and consciousness comfy with these enactment process changes, and grooming is required to bash that.

Conducting effectual grooming should beryllium a large milestone successful each IoT project. Any effort to understate grooming arsenic a task enactment point successful an IoT task volition enactment the full task astatine hazard for failure.

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