Icon pinpoints 'problem' crippling Aussie T20 cricket

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Cricket icon Mark Taylor laments that a quickfire 20 oregon 30 runs is celebrated successful the T20 format - and he's pinpointed Australia's nonaccomplishment to consistently equine bigger idiosyncratic scores arsenic their premier downfall successful the West Indies series.

The West Indies contiguous clinched a 16-run triumph implicit Australia successful St Lucia to circular retired a 4-1 bid victory, successful a show led by Evin Lewis' unthinkable sound of 79 runs from 34 balls.

Unfortunately for Australia, conscionable 2 of their batsmen reached 50 during the series, with Mitchell Marsh striking 75 and Aaron Finch 53 as the tourists collected their sole triumph successful the 4th game.

Marsh was superb astatine archetypal driblet passim the series, piling up 219 runs astatine 43.80, but each different batsman struggled.

Finch averaged 25.40, Dan Christian 21, Moises Henriques 19, Matthew Wade 17.40 and Ashton Turner 15.

Alex Carey, Josh Philippe and Ben McDermott had adjacent leaner series.

Taylor says celebrating a rapid-fire 20 oregon 30 runs is not conscionable a occupation successful Australian cricket but crossed the globe - and helium believes it caught the visitors retired successful the bid against the West Indies.

Australia archetypal driblet Mitchell Marsh drives done screen during the five-match T20 bid against the West Indies. (Twitter)

"I don't deliberation the batsmen made capable large scores. There were excessively galore guys who made the 20s and 30s, and possibly we are celebrating the 20s and 30s excessively much," Taylor told Wide World of Sports.

"If you look astatine the lone crippled Australia won, Mitchell Marsh made 75 and Aaron Finch made 53 ... In each different crippled we didn't marque capable runs, individuals didn't marque large capable scores. That was surely the lawsuit successful the archetypal game, which Australia should person won comfortably and (which would have) acceptable the code for the remainder of the series."

Taylor admits that an explosive 20 oregon 30 runs successful T20 cricket tin beryllium a important publication successful the little order, but helium says specializer batsmen should not beryllium satisfied with those innings.

"I conscionable deliberation the occupation T20 tin person is that you marque 20 oregon 30 disconnected 15 balls and you're congratulated, you're celebrated. Now, 30 disconnected 15 balls tin beryllium a bully score, if you travel successful astatine seven. But 30 disconnected 15 balls for a subordinate successful the apical 4 oregon 5 is lone fractional doing a job," Taylor said.

"Still idiosyncratic needs to marque a 70 oregon an 80 oregon adjacent perchance a 100 - and that mostly makes you large scores which assistance you triumph games of cricket.

"If you look astatine what the West Indies did amended - they made bigger scores. They went connected and made a 70 oregon an 80 and that made the quality successful the games."

Australia batsman Moises Henriques departs the mediate aft being dismissed successful the 5th T20 against the West Indies. (Fox Cricket)

While it was a grim bid for Australia's apical six, Taylor says it "most definitely" should beryllium remembered that Justin Langer's men were without a big of their first-choice batsmen.

Steve Smith, David Warner, Glenn Maxwell and Marcus Stoinis were each unavailable for enactment for assorted reasons.

However, erstwhile Test and one-day planetary skipper Taylor bemoans that those who filled their spots failed to involvement their claims for the T20 World Cup, acceptable to beryllium played implicit October and November.

"I deliberation the disappointing happening for Australia is that immoderate of the players successful the mediate bid missed their opportunities," Taylor said.

"There was a batch of speech going into the bid astir those guys having opportunities to unit their mode into the World Cup T20 broadside for aboriginal this year.

"What you truly privation for longevity is younger players coming done and keeping the unit connected those older blokes and yet they instrumentality over."

Australia are present acceptable to look the West Indies successful 3 ODIs, opening connected Wednesday greeting (AEST).

Australia all-rounder Glenn Maxwell plays done the limb broadside successful a T20 lucifer against New Zealand successful March. (Getty)

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