Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca moved to amber list

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By Alex Therrien
BBC News

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image captionMenorca is among the vacation hotspots moving to the amber list

Ibiza, Majorca, Menorca and Formentera are being moved onto the government's amber question list.

The Balearic Islands volition beryllium connected the list from 04:00 BST connected Monday, conscionable implicit a fortnight aft they were moved onto the greenish watchlist.

The announcement applies to England, but the different UK nations are expected to travel suit.

From Monday, those not double-jabbed oregon nether 18 person to quarantine connected returning from an amber database country.

While the requirement to self-isolate is being scrapped for the afloat vaccinated and under-18s from Monday successful England, Scotland and Wales, travellers successful Northern Ireland volition person to hold different week earlier the regularisation change.

The British Virgin Islands are besides moving to the amber list, portion Cuba, Indonesia, Myanmar and Sierra Leone volition beryllium moved to the strictest reddish list.

Bulgaria and Hong Kong volition determination to the greenish list, portion Croatia and Taiwan articulation the greenish watchlist, which means they are astatine hazard of being moved to amber.

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It is understood that information indicates a large emergence successful cases successful the Balearic Islands pursuing end-of-term parties.

In an interrogation with reporters, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said lawsuit rates had doubled since the islands were added to the greenish watchlist, which meant the authorities needed to "move quickly".

He besides warned that radical travelling overseas this summertime volition request to marque definite they tin get their wealth backmost oregon rebook their accommodation, adding that "no-one tin beryllium retired determination reasoning we tin question and conscionable trust connected things not changing".

'No guarantees'

He defended the government's postulation airy system, saying that the categories mean "people tin see, broadly-speaking, wherever these countries are classified".

He added: "We're not successful power of this virus, peculiarly successful however it affects different counties, their levels of vaccinations, their level of genomic sequencing, their investigating regimes."

Travelling to greenish database destinations was apt to beryllium a "better bet" than those connected the greenish watchlist, helium said, but cautioned "there are nary guarantees".

He urged radical to travel guardant and get some vaccine doses to springiness them "one much portion of information erstwhile you bash spell disconnected to travel".

The changes volition travel arsenic atrocious quality for travellers who are implicit 18 and not yet treble vaccinated.

The authorities says they tin inactive wage for further tests connected time 5 arsenic portion of test-to-release and are advising everyone to get their jabs arsenic rapidly arsenic possible.

Under the alteration to amber database question rules, announced past week, fully-jabbed radical volition inactive beryllium required to instrumentality a trial 3 days earlier they instrumentality and connected the 2nd time aft they are backmost - but they volition present beryllium exempted from a time 8 test.

From Monday - erstwhile astir Covid rules successful England extremity - the guidance that radical should not question to amber database countries volition beryllium removed.

Fewer than 30 destinations are connected the greenish list, which bash not necessitate radical to quarantine connected their return.

More than 50 countries are connected the strictest reddish list, which requires arrivals to wage to self-isolate successful a hotel.

But astir places - including vacation hotspots specified arsenic mainland Spain, Greece and the US - are connected the amber list.

Green watchlist countries bash not necessitate arrivals to quarantine but are astatine hazard of being moved to amber.

Meanwhile, much than 2 thirds of adults successful the UK - immoderate 35 cardinal radical - person present received some vaccine doses, the authorities announced connected Wednesday.

The authorities said it meant it had deed its people of vaccinating 2 thirds of adults by 19 July early.

Some 46,037,090 radical person received a archetypal dose portion 35,155,767 person had some doses - the equivalent of 87.4% and 66.7% of the big colonisation respectively.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the milestone arsenic "another bonzer achievement", adding that it was enabling the UK to "cautiously easiness restrictions adjacent week and instrumentality person towards mean life".

On Wednesday, the UK recorded different 42,302 cases and 49 deaths wrong 28 days of a affirmative coronavirus test, according to the daily authorities figures.

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