How tragedy fuelled McKeown's golden swim

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The sister of Australian swimming Tokyo Games golden medallist Kaylee McKeown, 2016 Rio Olympian Taylor, says their dada would person been "doing backflips" successful eden arsenic she charged to victory.

Kaylee, 20 years of property and competing successful her archetypal Olympic campaign, this greeting clocked 57.47 successful the 100m backstroke to clinch gold, up of Canada's Kylie Masse (57.72) and America's Regan Smith (58.02).


The dada of Kaylee and Taylor, Sholto, mislaid a two-year conflict with encephalon crab erstwhile helium died successful August past year.

But Taylor, who won golden successful the 4x100m medley relay astatine the Rio Olympics, said Kaylee had shared "a beauteous thing" with her dada successful her infinitesimal of triumph successful Tokyo.

Australia's Kaylee McKeown posing with her golden medal aft winning the women's 200m backstroke last astatine the Tokyo Olympics. (Getty)

"Oh my gosh. He would beryllium doing backflips close now, helium would conscionable beryllium truthful blessed and the beauteous happening is I deliberation Kaylee knows that," Taylor said connected 2GB radio.

"I deliberation she tin consciousness it and she perfectly knows that helium was determination with her successful that moment. What a beauteous happening for her to beryllium capable to stock with him up successful heaven."

Kaylee has a tattoo connected her close ft that reads, "I'll ever beryllium with you", successful representation of her dad.

"It's truthful peculiar and that would person been the past happening she saw earlier she took disconnected connected the blocks," Taylor said.

"And past erstwhile she finished the contention and saw the fig 1 she blew him a buss and benignant of recognised that helium was determination with her. That was conscionable specified a peculiar moment.

"We can't hold to person her backmost successful Australia and to beryllium capable to observe with her."

The parents of Australia's Olympic swimmers are gathered successful Noosa for the Games, wherever they're watching their sons and daughters radiance successful Tokyo together.

And successful a moving tribute to the dada of Kaylee and Taylor, the boxing kangaroo mascot joining the parents successful cheering connected the Olympians has been named aft Sholto.

"Steve Titmus (dad of Ariarne Titmus) connected the archetypal day, earlier the swimming started, helium said, 'You cognize what, guys? We're present arsenic household but we conscionable person to admit that there's 1 idiosyncratic that can't beryllium present contiguous and that idiosyncratic is Sholto'," Taylor said.

"And we had ... a minute's soundlessness to recognise that and we decided that the mascot of our boxing kangaroo was going to beryllium dad's tone for the week, conscionable sitting determination cheering america on. It's truly bully to person the boxing kangaroo, Sholto, determination connected the sofa for each league of the swimming.

"He's gone but not forgotten and surely hasn't gone unfelt during this Olympics. His beingness is determination which is simply a beauteous thing."

An elated Kaylee McKeown of Australia aft clinching golden successful the women's 200m backstroke last astatine the Tokyo Games. (Getty)

Taylor was affectional arsenic she described to 2GB vigor big Deborah Knight conscionable however arrogant she was of her younger sister.

"Oh my goodness. This greeting has conscionable been an implicit whirlwind of emotion and we're inactive riding that question and mum and I support saying we can't hold to spell backmost and ticker that contention again and again, due to the fact that it's conscionable the astir astonishing happening I've ever seen successful my life," Taylor said.

"This is 1 of the champion days of my life, I'm truthful arrogant of my sister and she's truthful humble astir it, too. She's conscionable specified an astonishing miss and mum and I are blessed to beryllium her hype women due to the fact that she has worked truthful damn hard. (She is) 1 of the hardest trainers and is conscionable an implicit inspiration.

"I anticipation there's heaps of kids retired determination who got to ticker that contention contiguous and tin beryllium inspired to pursuit their Olympic dream, arsenic well.

"Kaylee is conscionable a prima of the federation astatine the moment, on with galore of the different Australians connected the Olympic team, and I anticipation she continues to aquatics truthful good successful the remainder of the week.

"We are truthful damn arrogant of her, conscionable truthful proud."

Kaylee McKeown of Australia aft claiming golden successful the women's 200m backstroke last astatine the Tokyo Games. (Getty)

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