Horror show as NBA battlers claim unwanted record

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It mightiness beryllium the preseason but inactive this isn't thing immoderate squad wants to beryllium attached to.

The Charlotte Hornets broke records for each the incorrect reasons during their clash with the Dallas Mavericks astatine home, suffering the worst nonaccomplishment ever seen successful the NBA.

The Hornets, owned by NBA fable Michael Jordan, were thrashed by 68 points successful their last tune-up crippled against Luka Doncic and co. and the effect could beryllium origin for interest with their play opener against the Pacers conscionable a week away.

The Mavericks were miles up by the mediate of the 2nd 4th and led by arsenic overmuch arsenic 72 points aboriginal successful the 4th fourth earlier taking the lucifer 127-59. It was the biggest preseason triumph successful history, per ESPN.

Conversely, the 68-point nonaccomplishment equals the biggest decision ever seen successful the NBA's regular play — erstwhile Cleveland bushed Miami 148-80 successful 1991.

Dallas were led by Kristaps Porzingis with 20 points portion six players scored successful the treble digits.

Luka Doncic appeared disinterested for ample parts of the archetypal fractional but managed to get to 10 points and 8 assists with lone 1 turnover.

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