Historical Origin snub driving Blues' 'motivation'

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NSW missing retired connected a location crippled for Game Three will play a relation successful Brad Fittler's attempts to motivate his broadside for the dormant rubber game, says Maroons large Darren Lockyer.

It's the archetypal twelvemonth without a crippled successful Sydney since Origin started with standalone games successful Brisbane successful 1980 and 1981.

State of Origin III was owed to beryllium played successful Sydney but was yet moved to the Gold Coast aft the NSW authorities refused to let fans astatine Newcastle's Hunter Stadium due to the fact that of concerns astir a COVID spread. The NRL was besides unwilling to play the game's marquee lawsuit down closed doors, with a capableness assemblage of 27,000 expected to be the game.

Lockyer's 1 preservation astir Slater arsenic coach

With the pandemic forcing each games to beryllium played successful Queensland, NSW has a uncommon accidental of securing a historical cleanable expanse successful Maroons territory, a feat that is improbable to ever beryllium replicated.

The Blues are chasing their archetypal bid cleanable expanse since 2000 - and Lockyer believes Fittler volition adhd value to the communicative that NSW was "robbed" of a location crippled this twelvemonth to animate his broadside successful the dormant rubber.

"There's nary uncertainty Freddy volition usage it arsenic motivation," Lockyer said connected QLDER.

"There was a saying backmost successful the Broncos days nether Wayne (Bennett). Let's nonstop the assemblage location early.

"If we played astatine an distant crushed that was our motto – nonstop them location early. If you were playing an distant crippled and you saw them walking retired 10 minutes to spell you'd deliberation 'how good's this?' They volition usage that arsenic motivation."

QLDER: Can Ponga unlock the Maroons attack?

Queensland manager Paul Green volition unleash a new-look backline featuring Cowboys speedster Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow, with Kalyn Ponga besides backmost successful the squad aft recovering from injury.

Ponga returned from a two-month lay-off from a groin occupation to pb Newcastle to a thumping 38-0 Round 16 triumph implicit North Queensland.

The Newcastle fullback's wounded woes ruled him retired of the archetypal 2 Origin games, which Queensland mislaid 76-6 collectively. He besides missed past year's bid with a enarthrosis contented and hasn't played for Queensland successful 2 years.

With Valentine Holmes returning to the wing, Lockyer hopes Ponga's quality to make abstraction volition assistance acceptable up the Cowboys prima and debutant Tabuai-Fidow.

"I'm not taking thing mode from Val Holmes but helium brings successful 'The Hammer' (Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow) due to the fact that he's precise bully astatine providing abstraction for his extracurricular men." Lockyer said.

"Holmes mightiness spot much abstraction connected the helping now. Gagai hasn't seen overmuch prime ball. I'm not saying Val Holmes couldn't bash that but that's 'KP's' strength, get the shot to his extracurricular men successful space."

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