'He's done': Tszyu slams door shut on Zerafa

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Tim Tszyu has unopen the doorway connected a combat with Michael Zerafa successful the aboriginal aft his rival's last-minute withdrawal, slamming his determination arsenic "complete disrespect".

Tszyu improved his grounds to 19-0 with a triumph implicit Zerafa's replacement, Stevie Spark, ending the combat successful the 3rd circular erstwhile Spark was incapable to proceed aft bid of brutal assemblage shots.

Spark was forced to measurement successful to look Tszyu with conscionable a week's announcement aft Zerafa pulled retired of the Newcastle fight, with his campy citing wellness concerns surrounding NSW's existent COVID-19 outbreak.

However, Tszyu wasn't buying the excuses and shifted his attraction towards bigger names connected the satellite signifier aft the triumph implicit Spark.

"He's done," Tszyu told MainEvent erstwhile asked astir the prospects of a Zerafa combat successful the future.

Tim Tszyu made airy enactment of Stevie Spark and slammed the doorway unopen connected a imaginable Zerafa bout (Getty)

"He had the accidental and I find it a implicit disrespect that helium pulled retired a week before.

"If helium came present helium wouldn't person had to quarantine oregon immoderate issues they were saying. There was a combatant present from Melbourne, Camilleri came down."

Tszyu said helium would similar to look British boxer Liam Smith next, saying helium needed "a sanction similar that connected [his] resume".

"I told Matty Rose consecutive aft the fight, 'Make definite you program the adjacent one'," helium said.

"They've got a fewer names successful mind, but Liam Smith is what we're talking about. I deliberation a sanction similar Liam Smith is idiosyncratic connected the planetary stage. He gave Canelo problems and Canelo's the champion pound-for-pound combatant close now."

Tszyu wants a combat against the 22-0 Magomed Kurbanov (L) successful Red Square, Russia. (Getty)

Tszyu besides revealed his lifelong ambition to combat astatine Red Square successful Russia, wherever his legendary begetter Kostya hails from, saying a clash with undefeated Russian prima Magomed Kurbanov was a bout that would "100 per cent" hap successful the coming years.

"I've got him successful the bag," Tszyu said of a imaginable match-up against Kurbanov, who bushed Smith successful May this twelvemonth to assertion the WBO International ace welterweight title.

"In Australia would beryllium large arsenic well, but I've ever been dreaming astir having a combat successful Russia.

"It's a portion of my heritage, my archetypal connection was Russian. I'm an Aussie till I die, but it's conscionable ever been a imagination of mine.

"My begetter was ne'er capable to bash it, there's plentifulness of involvement and that's wherefore conscionable erstwhile successful my beingness I'd emotion to combat there."

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