Hamilton accused of disrespect after Grand Prix win

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Hamilton and VerstappenHamilton and Verstappen battled wheel-to-wheel from the commencement of the race

Max Verstappen has accused Lewis Hamilton of being "disrespectful" and "unsportsmanlike" pursuing their collision successful the British Grand Prix.

The Red Bull operator was taken to infirmary for precautionary checks aft suffering an interaction of 51G successful the first-lap crash.

"Very disappointed to beryllium taken retired similar this," Verstappen said.

"Watching the celebrations portion inactive successful infirmary is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike... but we determination on."

Verstappen said connected his Twitter relationship that helium was "OK" pursuing the incidental but helium has not yet been released from hospital.

Hamilton was fixed a 10-second punishment for the incident, which dropped him to 4th spot aft his pit stop, but helium fought backmost to overtake Ferrari's Charles Leclerc to triumph the race.

Verstappen said: "The punishment fixed does not assistance america and doesn't bash justness to the unsafe determination Lewis made connected track."

Hamilton said: "I was beauteous acold alongside him but I could spot helium wasn't going to backmost retired but past we went into the country and we collided.

"Of people that's ne'er the mode I privation to triumph a contention oregon conscionable successful wide to contention but these things bash happen. I conscionable anticipation he's OK. And I look guardant to galore much races."

The incidental happened astatine Copse corner, which is taken astatine 190mph successful a Formula 1 car. Hamilton overtook 2 different drivers determination during the race, including the determination that took the pb from Leclerc.

Red Bull squad main Christian Horner said Hamilton's determination was "an amateur mistake, a hopeless mistake", adding: "It is disappointing and annoying; his actions person jeopardised different driver's safety."

Horner added: "Putting a chap operator successful infirmary and penning disconnected a car and receiving a menial punishment and winning a expansive prix doesn't consciousness similar overmuch of a penalty.

"To instrumentality a instrumentality up the wrong astatine Copse corner, 1 of the fastest corners anywhere, determination is lone ever going to beryllium 1 effect of that.

"We are conscionable fortunate idiosyncratic wasn't earnestly hurt. Thankfully we got distant with it."

And Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko said: "Such unsafe and reckless behaviour should beryllium punished with a suspension oregon something."

Mercedes F1 brag Toto Wolff said: "It is simply a concern we each person seen successful the past erstwhile large drivers contention with each other. When cipher is prepared to springiness in, these kinds of situations tin happen. But it takes 2 to tango."

The British Grand Prix stewards judged Hamilton to beryllium "predominantly astatine fault". They said Hamilton went into the country "slightly down and connected the inside", saying that helium was "on a enactment that did not scope the apex of the corner, with country disposable to the inside".

Hamilton declined to remark connected Horner's criticisms.

"it is important for each of america to instrumentality a measurement back," helium said. "I americium definite emotions are moving precocious determination and I cognize what it's similar to suffer points and beryllium successful that position."

And helium rejected claims that helium should apologise for the incidental successful the discourse of being penalised.

"I don't deliberation I americium successful a presumption to person to apologise for anything," helium said. "We are retired determination racing.

"I heard Max is successful infirmary and that decidedly concerns me. None of america privation immoderate 1 of america to get injured. I volition deed him up aft this to cheque helium is OK and we unrecorded to combat anther day. There volition beryllium a batch of pugnacious races coming up. We person to larn to onslaught a decent balance.

"I don't hold with the stewards but I instrumentality the punishment connected the chin and get connected with my job. Everyone is going to person a antithetic sentiment and I don't peculiarly attraction what radical think, I conscionable bash what I do."

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