'Grower and shrinker' worry over rookie NSW No.7

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Rookie NSW halfback Mitchell Moses inactive has a inclination to slice retired of games erstwhile things get tough, legendary Blues manager Phil Gould says.

With Moses to marque his State of Origin debut successful the series finale connected Wednesday night, that is Gould's superior interest implicit the Eels No.7.

"I've watched Parramatta and I've watched Mitchell Moses' development. Don't get maine wrong, I deliberation he's a terrific footballer and I truly similar watching him play and I deliberation this is the adjacent level he's got to get to," Gould said connected The Sunday Footy Show.

"But for me, he's a grower and a shrinker. He grows erstwhile things are going bully and helium shrinks and gets distant from the crippled erstwhile things aren't going the mode that they're planned.

"You're going to get that successful Origin. He is up against Cherry-Evans and Munster, who person played plentifulness of shot unneurotic astatine this level and are going to beryllium bare not to lose, truthful they're going to enactment a batch of unit connected him."

Mitchell Moses of the Eels. (Getty)

Gould asked Eels and NSW large Peter Sterling: "Do you deliberation this is the trial that he's truly needed personally, to travel into this environment? I reckon if helium gets it right, it helps Parramatta's chances of winning a premiership."

Sterling "absolutely" agreed connected some counts.

"We're each waiting backmost to spot however helium does grip this but I deliberation his crippled has matured," Sterling said.

"I deliberation he's got a amended knowing of his ain crippled and the crippled successful wide now. He's 26, he's played a stack of archetypal people games. I support saying, this is his clip and this is his test.

"You enactment Mitchell Moses successful an elite group, similar he's in, I deliberation helium slots successful nicely. I deliberation he'll enactment retired rapidly capable ... and to person a Brad Fittler, a Greg Alexander, a Danny Buderus and an Andrew Johns helping him..."

Gould interjected: "It doesn't travel overmuch better."

Sterling continued: "No. And if you're request feeding disconnected that and learning from that, you're successful the incorrect spot and I don't deliberation helium is."

Eels halfback Mitchell Moses. (Getty)

Gould said that fractional the conflict for Moses and caller five-eighth Jack Wighton was not trying to straight replicate absent halves Nathan Cleary and Jarome Luai. The Blues are trying to assertion their archetypal cleanable expanse since 2000 successful Origin III, now being played connected the Gold Coast owed to NSW's COVID-19 spike.

"What I dread is if, due to the fact that they've won 2 games arsenic good arsenic they have, is Moses and Wighton coming successful and saying, 'All right, what were Cleary and Luai doing, what bash you privation america to do?', and person everyone telling them however to tally the team," Gould said.

"What they request to bash is travel successful and say, 'I'm Mitchell Moses, I'm Jack Wighton, this is wherever we're going and this is what we're doing', due to the fact that that's what the different 2 boys did.

"We've got to play their benignant of football, adjacent if it means a spot of an accommodation to everyone else. You've got Trbojevic, you've got Mitchell, you've got Tedesco, they'll pat into anything. What we don't privation is them 3 telling [Wighton and Moses], 'That's what [Luai and Cleary] were doing, you conscionable bash that'. They've got to play to what suits them.

"They've ne'er played unneurotic before, it's arsenic caller combination, it's going to beryllium a spot clunky. We saw that the different nighttime with Manly, they were expected to bushed the Raiders but they were clunky successful attack. You can't alteration your playmakers 1 crippled to the adjacent and expect it to beryllium smooth.

"Moses and Wighton person got to beryllium truly comfy with what they're doing, not going retired trying to repetition immoderate shot they though Cleary and Luai were playing. It's got to beryllium their crippled and the different players person got to pat into that. Whether they get that close successful 10 days remains to beryllium seen."

Sterling said: "I similar the selections, I deliberation what suits their idiosyncratic crippled volition suit the team. I deliberation that they're bully runners of the football, truthful they conscionable request to prime and choose, get their kicking crippled close ... support well.

"Then if it's not connected for them, if they don't spot something, fto the shot go. But they're bully runners of the football, it can't beryllium conscionable astir going successful determination and due to the fact that the centres and the wingers person played truthful well, conscionable getting the shot to them each the time."

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