Government to ban single-use plastic cutlery

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By Nick Eardley
BBC governmental correspondent

The authorities has announced plans to prohibition single-use integrative cutlery, plates and polystyrene cups successful England arsenic portion of what it calls a "war connected plastic".

Ministers said the determination would assistance to trim litter and chopped the magnitude of integrative discarded successful oceans.

A consultation connected the argumentation volition motorboat successful the autumn - though the authorities has not ruled retired including different items successful the ban.

But biology activists said much urgent and wider enactment was needed.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland already person plans to prohibition single-use integrative cutlery, and the European Union brought successful a akin prohibition successful July - putting ministers successful England nether unit to instrumentality akin action.

On average, each idiosyncratic successful England uses 18 single-use integrative plates and 37 single-use integrative items of cutlery each year, according to authorities figures.

Ministers person already introduced measures nether its caller Environment Bill to tackle integrative contamination - specified arsenic a deposit instrumentality strategy connected integrative bottles to promote recycling and a integrative packaging tax, owed to travel successful from April 2022 - but this caller program would beryllium an further tool.

There is nary notation of integrative java cups and lids successful the upcoming consultation, though it is imaginable much items could beryllium included astatine a aboriginal date.

Environment Secretary George Eustice said everyone had "seen the harm that integrative does to our environment" and it was close to "put successful spot measures that volition tackle the integrative carelessly strewn crossed our parks and greenish spaces and washed up connected beaches".

He added: "We person made advancement to crook the tide connected plastic, banning the proviso of integrative straws, stirrers and fabric buds, portion our bearer container complaint has chopped income by 95% successful the main supermarkets.

"These plans volition assistance america stamp retired the unnecessary usage of plastics that wreak havoc with our earthy environment."

But the prohibition whitethorn instrumentality implicit a twelvemonth to go law, with authorities needing to spell done Parliament, and it is understood it could beryllium April 2023 earlier it comes into force.

Campaigners person urged the authorities to determination quickly.

'I would ballot for anybody who'll prohibition integrative cutlery'

image captionParis Michailidis sells bamboo cutlery

Paris Michailidis sells bamboo cutlery passim the UK.

He says it's a sustainable alternate to integrative that helps support the environment.

Paris welcomes the projected prohibition connected single-use plastic, saying: "I would ballot for anybody who'll prohibition it."

He added: "I deliberation integrative is everywhere. We cannot get escaped of integrative completely, but determination are decidedly definite areas wherever we tin push."

And if Paris invites you circular to his spot for dinner, you cognize what to expect.

"I volition springiness you bamboo cutlery but nary integrative successful my house."

Jo Morley, from the run radical City to Sea, told the BBC she welcomed the quality but it was "just the extremity of the iceberg".

She added: "We request the authorities to spell much, much, overmuch further, we are facing a plastics situation and we request to crook disconnected the tap.

"We are truly facing an biology crisis, our oceans are afloat of plastic, and they're sidesplitting marine life, they are damaging our eco-systems and they are really threatening quality health."

Kierra Box from Friends of the Earth echoed the concerns.

She said: "We request authorities to instrumentality an wide attack to accidental that what we are going to bash is bring an extremity to each integrative pollution, and what we're going to bash is drastically trim the magnitude of each single-use products, not conscionable a fork followed by a spoon followed by a cup."

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