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At the infinitesimal determination are lone a fewer companies truly making foldable phones, and Samsung is dominating the marketplace with handsets similar the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. But it mightiness soon person immoderate superior competition, arsenic it looks similar Google has a foldable telephone connected the way.

We don’t cognize what this handset volition beryllium called yet, truthful for present we’re conscionable referring to it arsenic the Google Pixel Fold (since it’s apt to person Pixel branding successful enactment with the company’s different phones).

We person heard immoderate details of the imaginable design, surface and specs though, each of which you’ll find below. We’ve besides included accusation connected a imaginable merchandise date, which immoderate rumors suggest could beryllium by the extremity of 2021, arsenic good arsenic speculation astir the price. 

As soon arsenic we perceive thing other astir the Google Pixel Fold, we’ll adhd it to this article, truthful marque definite to cheque backmost regularly if you privation to enactment up to date.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? Google’s archetypal foldable phone
  • When is it out? Possibly earlier the extremity of the year
  • How overmuch volition it cost? Unknown, but astir apt a lot

Google Pixel foldable telephone merchandise day and price

Rumors presently suggest that the Pixel Fold volition land either successful precocious 2021 oregon aboriginal 2022. At least, that’s what Jon Prosser (a leaker with a coagulated way record) has claimed, and he’s not alone, with show expert Ross Young besides claiming that a Google foldable telephone volition onshore successful the 2nd fractional of 2021.

Plus, a report claims that Google (among different companies) has purchased foldable telephone screens from Samsung Display, and it goes connected to accidental that smartphones utilizing these screens volition motorboat this year. The aforesaid tract has much recently said the aforesaid happening again, and another leak regarding phones coming with screens from Samsung Display listed the Pixel Fold arsenic launching successful Q4 2021 – the aforesaid model it gave for the Pixel 6.

Finally, notation of the ‘Passport’ codename and GPQ72 exemplary fig person been spotted successful Android 12 beta code, and they’re believed to beryllium attached to the Pixel Fold. Their beingness successful the codification suggests not conscionable that the telephone exists, but that it mightiness get earlier excessively long.

If a Pixel foldable telephone does motorboat successful 2021 though, our champion conjecture for the timing would beryllium alongside the Google Pixel 6, which itself volition apt onshore towards the extremity of the year, astir apt successful October.

Given however small we’ve heard astir Google’s foldable phone, a motorboat towards the extremity of the twelvemonth (or later) would besides marque much consciousness than an imminent launch.

As for what it mightiness cost, there’s nary quality there, but foldables are ever expensive. That said, the Google Pixel 5 is cheaper than astir flagship phones. That’s successful portion due to the fact that Google opted not to enactment a cutting-edge chipset successful it, but it mightiness instrumentality a akin attack with the Pixel foldable. Even past though we’d expect astatine slightest a precise precocious three-figure oregon debased four-figure price.

Design and display

The main accusation astir the Google Pixel foldable telephone comes from a study which claims that Google has ordered foldable OLED panels of astir 7.6 inches from Samsung Display – a assertion that we’ve now heard aggregate times.

That’s the aforesaid size arsenic the main surface connected the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, and large capable that the Pixel foldable could person the aforesaid signifier origin arsenic the Galaxy 1 – that is, a emblematic phone-sized surface erstwhile shut, but opening retired similar a publication to uncover a much tablet-sized display. That said, we can’t regularisation retired it having a clamshell plan similar the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Beyond this leak, we’ve also seen a Google patent which shows a surface that opens retired to a tablet size, but past tin additionally beryllium stretched a small further, similar the rollable telephone concepts we’ve seen. This nevertheless looks ambitious for Google’s archetypal foldable phone, truthful we’re not convinced it volition person this design.

Patently Mobile has besides spotted 2 further Google Pixel foldable telephone patents, 1 of which shows a reasonably accepted clamshell design, portion the different has 2 hinges, allowing it to signifier a Z-shape arsenic it unfolds, and spell from smartphone size to afloat tablet size.

So Google seems to beryllium experimenting with a batch of antithetic foldable designs, but it remains unclear which if immoderate of these volition beryllium used.


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