Google Maps updates 'dangerous' Ben Nevis route

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image captionMountain groups impulse walkers to transverse cheque accusation oregon question proposal astir Ben Nevis

Google has made changes to its mapping work aft fears that walkers whitethorn mistakenly effort a "potentially fatal" way up Ben Nevis.

The steadfast insisted its walking directions connected Google Maps did not nonstop radical to unsafe routes.

However, its driving directions took radical to a car parkland wherever a dotted enactment showing region to the acme could beryllium misinterpreted by users.

In aboriginal the maps volition nonstop drivers to a visitant centre instead.

Scottish mountaineering charities person urged hill-walkers not to usage Google Maps to usher them up the mountains aft a bid of incidents wherever routes downloaded disconnected the net person resulted successful "injury oregon worse".

The John Muir Trust, which looks aft the acme of Ben Nevis, said it had raised a circumstantial interest astir the directions to the car parkland closest to the UK's highest mountain.

The way from this car parkland was "highly dangerous, adjacent for experienced climbers", they warned.

And the spot said that a dotted enactment starring from the car parkland to the acme could pb walkers into danger.

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image captionA mountaineering radical said the dotted enactment connected a Ben Nevis representation crossed rocky, pathless terrain

Mountaineering groups said the dotted enactment crossed "potentially fatal" steep, rocky and pathless terrain, portion a suggested walking way for a antithetic mountain, An Teallach, would pb radical implicit a cliff.

A spokeswoman for Google said it had investigated and recovered the Ben Nevis concerns related to the service's driving directions, alternatively than walking directions which it insisted did not pb radical to unsafe routes.

"Our driving directions presently way radical to the Nevis Gorge trailhead parking batch - the batch closest to the acme - which has salient signs indicating that the way is highly unsafe and for precocious hikers only," the spokeswoman said.

"To assistance some novice and experienced hikers much easy find trails that suit their level of expertise, we're present updating our driving routes to instrumentality radical straight to the visitant centre, wherever they'll beryllium capable to talk with unit astir the champion way to take."

Google is present reviewing different routes successful the area, and said it welcomed feedback from mountaineering groups oregon organisations specified arsenic the John Muir Trust.

Local organisations are encouraged to supply geographic accusation astir roads and routes done Google's Geo Data Upload tool and users via the "Report a problem" tool.

Mountaineering Scotland and John Muir Trust urge climbers cross-check accusation connected a representation oregon consult a section guide.

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